Top 5 in US: Seattle Cancer Care Alliance ranks high for adult cancer care

US News World Report,  Best Hospitals

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) is proud to be ranked in the top five in the U.S. and No. 1 in Washington State for Adult Cancer Care by U.S. News & World Report’s 2017-2018 “Best Hospitals” survey.

U.S. News & World Report has consistently ranked Seattle Cancer Care Alliance/University of Washington Medical Center in the top 10 in the U.S. for several years.

Nationally recognized and unmatched in the region, our patients benefit from the world-class research performed by our founding partners: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle Children’s and UW Medicine.

“Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is the best,” said Miggie Olsson, who was treated for an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer at SCCA. She had the full weight of a team specialized in cancer care behind her. Her medical team, also researchers at the leading edge of advances in cancer care, leveraged a treatment specifically for her. She is 10 years out and now gives back to SCCA as a volunteer. “The alliance with Fred Hutch researchers offers SCCA’s physicians the latest science, newest options and the most hope. Just as important to me were the personal relationships I made with my care team. Recovering from a life-threatening illness can be a long process, and their support in many forms gave me the strength to be positive and get back to my life.”

Our innovative research relies on effective clinical practice to move treatment options forward for patients, from fear to hope—to discovery. It’s called bench-to-bedside care and has always been the force driving our clinical successes.

Last year, more than 7,000 people were treated at SCCA for their cancer diagnosis. Patients who come to SCCA receive the most innovative therapies, surgical approaches, diagnostic techniques and technologies and prevention strategies.

“We have seen an explosion in new technologies that’s advancing cancer care in areas of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and this is creating an exciting time to treat our cancer patients,” said Dr. Eduardo Méndez, co-director of the Head and Neck Oncology Program for University of Washington, and director of Head and Neck Translational Research Program at Fred Hutch. “Because of this, we can now offer better treatments and offer hope for patients. We’re here to explore these novel ways to treat cancer and to bring the latest developments to our patients to improve their lives.”

SCCA stands as a global leader and innovator in:

  • Bone marrow transplantation. The Fred Hutch Bone Marrow Transplantation Program at SCCA has earned recognition by the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research for outperforming its expected one-year survival rates for allogeneic transplant patients – those who receive donated adult blood-forming stem cells.
  • Cellular immunotherapy. The promising research and results on CAR T-cell therapy are taking place in our brand-new and innovative Bezos Family Immunotherapy Clinic at SCCA. One place, where doctors, nurses, clinicians and each staff member plays a vital role in leading to better outcomes for our patients.
  • Clinical trials. Last year, 200 patients were enrolled in clinical trials available through SCCA and its partner organizations, Fred Hutch, UW Medicine and its expanding network of regional locations and affiliations. Our commitment to innovative patient care is one of the largest in the world and has aided the way many of the latest treatments available to cancer patients.

“I knew I wanted to volunteer here,” said Teo Monoski, who devotes her time weekly at Guest Services in the South Lake Union clinic. “I knew Seattle Cancer Care Alliance was the best, but being here and seeing how the staff interact with the patients, and hearing the patients’ stories of wellness and hope – it’s somewhere I want to be.”

At SCCA, we’re continuously seeking to expand our understanding of what will make a positive difference in the lives of our patients and their families.

We understand it isn’t only about treating and curing the disease, but also bringing our expertise to bear in care for the whole person, caregiver and their families. Our approach places our patients in the best position for a successful and lasting recovery.

Jason Johnson, a father of two, received a bone marrow transplant for chronic myeloid leukemia in 2011: “When someone is affected by cancer, it’s not just the patient but everyone who is impacted. It’s the whole family and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance was there for my whole family, my boys and my wife. They took care of us holistically.”

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