Peter Gilbert, PhD

Peter Gilbert, PhD

Principal Investigator, Statistical Data Management Center
HIV Vaccine Trials Network
Research Professor, Biostatistics
University of Washington
Graduate Faculty, Biostatistics
University of Washington


University of Washington, 1996, PhD (Biostatistics)
University of Washington, 1994, MS (Biostatistics)
University of Washington, 1992, BS (Mathematics)

Research Interests

  • Vaccine clinical trials
  • Design and analysis of Phase I/II trials, for evaluating vaccine effects on immune responses
  • Design and analysis of Phase 2b/III trials, for evaluating vaccine efficacy, immune correlates, sieve analysis, and post-infection vaccine effects
  • General biostatistical methods research, such as survival analysis, causal inference, and evaluation of surrogate endpoints

Teaching and Mentoring Interests

  • Supervising biostatistics doctoral students on statistical methods research for design and analysis of HIV vaccine efficacy trials, in the areas of evaluating immune correlates of protection (surrogate endpoints) and evaluating vaccine effects on HIV sequences (sieve analysis)

Current Studies

  • Biostatistical analysis of immune correlates of protection, sieve analysis, and post-infection vaccine effects in the RV144 “Thai Trial”
  • Leadership for the Statistical Data Center of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network
  • Statistical Methods in HIV Vaccine Efficacy Trials
  • Statistical collaboration for the Vaccine Immunology Statistical Center

PHS Program

Peter Gilbert, PhD

Contact Information

(206) 667-7299
(206) 667-4812
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