Bezos Family Immunotherapy Clinic

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Immunotherapy Clinic

Immunotherapy clinic infusion room

Photo by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch News Service

The Bezos Family Immunotherapy Clinic is named in recognition of a family that has been deeply committed to the Hutch and its work to advance immunotherapy, is open to cancer patients enrolled in immunotherapy clinical trials.

Located on the Fred Hutch campus in the main building of our clinical-care partner, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, the clinic is a unique facility that brings hope to the many patients receiving care from the dedicated, expert staff, and it sets the bar for the entire field of clinical immunotherapy research. The facility has more than doubled our capacity for serving participants on our cutting-edge immunotherapy clinical trials. Many of the patients seen at the new clinic, including the very first participant, went into complete remission on one of the clinical trials offered there. 

Dr. David Maloney, Fred Hutch’s first medical director of Cellular Immunotherapy, is medical director of the Bezos Family Immunotherapy Clinic. Maloney will lead the clinic’s physicians and oversee the research and patient care in the clinic.

The facility enables intensive monitoring of each patient to help scientists understand why some respond to experimental immune therapies and others do not, with the goal of developing curative approaches for every person with cancer — “bench to bedside then back to the lab and back to the clinic,” Dr. Maloney said.

Dr. David Maloney discussed what we have learned from bone marrow transplantation that has led the way to immunotherapy.