Wenying Shou, Ph.D.

Wenying Shou Ph.D.

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Wenying Shou, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Basic Sciences Division, Fred Hutch

Fax: 206.667.6522
Mail Stop: A2-025

Dr. Wenying Shou quantitatively studies how organisms balance cooperation, in which individuals may pay a price to help others, and competition, in which individuals look out only for themselves. Mutually beneficial and competitive interactions between individuals of the same species and individuals of different species are found throughout nature. Our own health is shaped by these kinds of symbiotic interactions with our gut microbiomes and parasites. Dr. Shou uses experimental and computational model systems to look at how fundamental symbiotic relationships originate and evolve.


Ph.D., Biology, California Institute of Technology

B.A., Molecular Biology, Mathematics, Pomona College

Current Projects

Evolution of Incipient Cooperation

Evolution of new metabolic interactions

The Structure and Function of Microbial Communities

Artificial selection of microbial communities

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