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Big ideas start with a spark. In September 2023, Fred Hutch supporters came together to ignite innovative science and help make life beyond cancer a reality.

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The spark that Innovators Network members brought to IN for the Hutch 2023 helped ignite a wonderful evening of connection and collective action. As Thomas J. Lynch Jr., MD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center President and Director and holder of the Raisbeck Endowed Chair, noted, “These connections are how communities are born, and we need a community to cure cancer.”

More than $305,000 was raised to accelerate Fred Hutch’s precision oncology research — science that will help us understand and exploit the unique vulnerabilities in each patient’s tumor to maximize effective treatments and minimize side effects. While we’ve made great strides in precision oncology, we still have work to do.

But we are determined to keep moving forward, fueled by the breadth and depth of our research and — most important — IN members’ collective generosity.

September 2024
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