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Dr. E. Donnall Thomas Symposium

Join Us at the Dr. E. Donnall Thomas Symposium

Advancing Transplantation, Gene and Cell Therapy — An inagugural symposium honoring Dr. E. Donnall Thomas and his legacy of transplantation. 

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Dr. E. Donnall Thomas and his colleagues discovered a way to treat advanced leukemia by eradicating malignant white blood cells in the bone marrow using high doses of chemotherapy and radiation, and then replacing them with healthy donor cells. This revolutionary approach was the first definitive and reproducible example of the human immune system’s potential to eliminate cancer, and it earned Thomas a Nobel Prize in 1990. Today, cell-based therapies and cellular immunotherapy have become a standard of care for many cancers and other diseases.

This first-ever symposium will feature leading researchers from around the world sharing their current research on improving survival after a bone marrow and stem cell transplantation, adoptive cell therapy, gene therapy and hybrid therapies.

This conference will be held virtually for external attendees. In-person attendance is limited to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center staff and Consortium members.

Wednesday-Friday, September 28-30, 2022
Host or Sponsor:
Immunotherapy Integrated Research Center, Cancer Immunology Cancer Consortium Program & Hematological Malignancies Cancer Consortium Program


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Presentation topics include:


  • The Development and Applications of Adoptive T cell Therapy
  • The Role of HLA-loss as Mechanism of Relaps After Allogeneic Transplantation
  • Post-transplantation Cyclophosphamide: The Knowns and Unknowns
  • Co-stimulatory blockade or tissue resident memory donor CD8 T cells in gastrointestinal GVHD
  • In Vivo Dynamics of T cells in GVHD
  • Regulatory T cell
  • The Role of the Intestinal Microbiome in Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Antibody-based Conditioning Regimens

Adoptive Cell Therapy

  • Programming Cell Therapies with CRISPR
  • CAR T Cell Engineering
  • T cell Therapy for Cancer Using Non-engineered Multi-antigen Targeted T cells or SARs-CoV2-specific T cells
  • TCR Therapy
  • NK cells: Next Generation Cell Therapies for Cancer

Gene Therapy

  • Toward Molecular Cures for the First Molecular Disease, Cell and Gene Therapies for Sickle Cell Disease
  • T-cell Genome Editing for Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Generation of Engineered Tregs and B Cells for Novel Therapeutic Applications
  • T Cell Engineering and the Development of Novel CAR-T Cells
  • Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Therapy

BMT / IMTX Insersection

Translating Innate Natural Killer Cell Memory as Cancer Immunotherapy

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