Hutch Advance

Designed to Match Student Interests with Workforce Needs

The Hutch Advance initiative is a cross-divisional effort designed to foster research-adjacent careers in technical and administrative areas at Fred Hutch. It addresses broad workforce needs by fostering awareness of wide range of careers and by creating intentionally designed pathways of opportunity for young people.

While many existing student programs emphasize traditional academic pathways to scientific research careers, similar programs for other important career areas are lacking. Working with community partners (including school districts and two-year colleges) ensures that we have a strong pool of candidates and allows students, especially those furthest from opportunity, to become engaged with our work.

Across Washington state, policy and business leaders recognize the need to support and prepare local students for jobs in our region. Students need pathways that provide career awareness as well as "learn and earn" career launch opportunities and that are intentionally coordinated with their education.

Overview of Initiative Areas

one person looking through a microscope while another looks on

Exploratory Experiences

Shorter introductory experiences that can provide career awareness and exposure to a wide range of positions available at Fred Hutch.

The Fred Hutch Science Career Exploration Program is partnering with local two and four-year colleges for a summer program to showcase different careers at Fred Hutch. Students can explore careers in areas ranging from Flow Cytometry and Proteomics to Health Economics and Global Oncology. 

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Internship to Employment Pathways

Longer "learn and earn" internship to employment pathways for students. These are coordinated with schools and two-year colleges to ensure that educational courses and career opportunities are aligned.

Fred Hutch Science Education, the Washington Alliance for Better Schools, and the Shoreline Community College Biotech Program are collaboratively developing a comprehensive Lab Tech Certificate program. The two-year program includes summer internships at Fred Hutch that are intentionally integrated with biotechnology coursework at Shoreline Community College.

"We envision a future where those who are inspired by the mission of Fred Hutch have an increased awareness of the great variety of job opportunities available at our organization as well as clear, scaffolded pathways to those jobs."

— Hutch Advance Team

Initiative Contacts

Jeanne Chowning

Jeanne Chowning, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President, Science Education, Office of Education and Training, Fred Hutch
Gordon Roble

Gordon Roble, D.V.M., MBA, DACLAM

Associate Vice President, Shared Resources, Research Administration, Fred Hutch