Hutch United

Hutch United

Hutch United is a grassroots organization that was founded in 2013 by researchers here at Fred Hutch - a community built by scientists, for scientists.

Our Mission is to foster a supportive and inclusive community to promote the success of underrepresented and self-identified minority scientists at Fred Hutch.

Defining Success: Increase the completion of self-defined career goals and learning objectives of underrepresented students, postdocs, and faculty.

Keys to Fostering Diversity

  • Facilitate mentoring interactions between faculty, postdocs, graduate students and other staff
  • Provide networking opportunities within the Fred Hutch and with external contacts
  • Identify and develop solutions for diversity-related challenges
  • Celebrate successful landmarks
  • Engage the entire Hutch community in our activities and mission

If you would like to read personal stories from Hutch United members about their journey as underrepresented scientists, please see the Hutch United Blog.


Hutch United (HU) Programs

Hutch United Mentoring Network (HUMN):  HUMN is a mentoring program featuring formal, professional one-on-one mentoring partnerships between faculty, postdocs, students, and other scientists. HUMN provides a searchable database of mentors and holds various events throughout the year: Large-scale biannual Mentoring Mixer Events, Mentoring Over Coffee, and Peer Mentoring discussions.

Inclusivity Workshops:  Biannual Inclusivity Workshops (previously Mentoring Workshops) facilitate the discussion of diversity-related issues in a focused and solution-driven manner. During these Workshops, we bring awareness to microaggressions and implicit bias and provide best practices for how to handle and prevent these issues. We focus specifically on one group of underrepresented trainees at a time: racial and ethnic minorities, international trainees, women, and LGBTQ trainees.

Seminars:  HU holds annual Scientific and Diversity-related Seminars by speakers, selected and invited by our members, who not only serve as role models for HU members, but also help to identify problems and develop solutions for our community.

Community Building Events:  Beerside Chat (HU members and friends gather informally at a local establishment to connect with one another), Hot Topics Lunch (a safe space to discuss current issues), Seattle Pride Parade participation, and our annual Martin Luther King, Jr Celebration (our largest annual event to celebrate accomplishments and bring in new members).

Scholarships and Fellowships:  HU promotes the success of its members by offering several Course and Conference Scholarships for trainees each year. These awards allow members to either take a course that will advance their career, or attend a scientific conference (diversity-related or otherwise). In summer 2016, we also established the HU Fellowships which fully support one graduate student and one postdoc for two years.

Outreach:  HU fosters community both within Fred Hutch and the greater Seattle community. We organize visits from community groups and educational organizations focused on increasing diversity in the STEM fields (grade school through community college). We also have an extensive collaboration with the Fred Hutch High School Internship Program.


Hutch United aims to exist as an integrated entity at the Hutch. Here are our partner organizations:

  • All Hutch Scientific Divisions
  • Student-Postdoc Advisory Committee (SPAC)
  • Hutch Diversity Council
  • SCHARPS Diversity Group
  • Human Resources
  • Chromosome Metabolism and Cancer Training Grant
  • Seattle AWIS