Fred Hutch Nursing Education


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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center supports the following scholarship opportunities for nurses to grow their nursing practice through education and professional development.

Rosemary Ford Future of Oncology Nursing Scholarship

The Rosemary Ford Future of Oncology Nursing Scholarship supports Fred Hutch nurses who are currently enrolled at a university or community college in pursuit of a higher nursing degree. Fred Hutch nurses who are currently enrolled toward a degree in nursing (LPN, ADN, BSN, MN, DNP, PhD) are selected annually for receipt of a $3,000 scholarship.

Past Recipients

  • Joshua Anderson (Seattle Pacific University)
  • Emma Crabo (Fred Hutch)
  • Katherine Francis (Seattle Uninversity)
  • Patrick Murphy (Fred Hutch)
  • Susan Ra (Fred Hutch)
  • Jamila Rahimi (University of Washington)
  • Roxanne Sochenda (Fred Hutch)
  • Beatrice Franco
  • Pratistha Kharel (Seattle Uninversity)
  • Anna Kolbjornsrud (Seattle Pacific University)
  • Gloria Young Ku (University of Washington)
  • Nikki Mendoza
  • Amy Smith
  • Madison Winters
  • Carmen Connolly
  • Kayla De Leon
  • Terazhya Grant
  • Dyan Mariel Raposas
  • Judith Wanyonyi
  • Colleen Detweiler (Fred Hutch)
  • Costa Herbert (Fred Hutch)
  • Minju Hong (University of Washington)
  • Amaia Laskin (Seattle Uninversity)
  • Sydne Mead Smith (Fred Hutch)
  • Margaret O’Malley(Fred Hutch)
  • Beatrice Rukundo (Uganda Cancer Institute)
  • Marlia Grace Sutherland (Seattle Pacific University)
  • Amylia Castillo (Fred Hutch)
  • Erin Croft (Fred Hutch)
  • Aubrey Hughes (University of Washington)
  • Margaret Susan McKay (Seattle Uninversity)
  • Mitch Mitchell (Fred Hutch)
  • Sara Rose Rivett (Fred Hutch)
  • Melissa Schultz (Seattle Pacific University)
  • Alexandra Nicole Beliveau (Seattle Pacific University)
  • Tiffany Flanagan (Seattle Uninversity)
  • Alexandria Kahakua (Fred Hutch)
  • Rae Niculescu (Fred Hutch)
  • Carmelita Jacobina Palagi (Seattle Central)
  • Haley Slater Scancella (University of Washington)
  • San So 'Sunny' (Fred Hutch)
  • Katelyn Marie Dobyns (North Seattle)
  • Karolyn Hildebrand (Green River)
  • Annette Elizabeth Hill (Green River)
  • Annie Miller (Seattle Pacific University)
  • Eleanor O’Neill (Seattle Uninversity)
  • Emily Anne Wassenaar (North Seattle)
  • Madeline Christina White (University of Washington)
  • Alisa Pham (Seattle Uninversity)
  • Patricia Smith (University of Washington)
  • Anna Stewart (Seattle Pacific University)
  • Lyndsey Conway (Kellar)
  • Stephanie Stoll
  • Corinne Valencia

Harold and John Steinberg Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund

The Harold and John Steinberg Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund was established to recognize exceptional caregiving and patient/family support in oncology nursing at Fred Hutch, Seattle Children’s Hospital and University of Washington Medical Center. This scholarship is supported by generous contributions from Howard Steinberg and his family and friends in memory of his father, Harold, and his brother, John. Before his death in 1994, John Steinberg received two bone marrow transplants. Harold had multiple myeloma and passed away in 1981. The scholarship may be used for a nursing-focused oncology conference or for tuition reimbursement toward a nursing degree.

Past Recipients

  • Denae Davis
  • Carrie Dulisse
  • Teresa Beatrice Franco
  • Kiersten O'Dellick
  • Nikki Mendoza
  • Alli Mullenbach
  • Lena Nguyen
  • Jill Williams
  • Britanni Clay
  • Karen Kuster
  • Alexa Ostrander
  • Jodie David
  • Janice Lloyd
  • Julia Majovski
  • Sunny Elgar
  • Jennifer Lynch
  • Hanahlyn Park
  • Elaine Hagan
  • Linda Ross
  • Sunny So
  • Anne Chafee
  • Amy Heissenbuttel
  • Lindsay Palomino
  • Nicole Hilderman
  • Pamela Pearson
  • Grace Steiner

Professional Development Council Conference Scholarship

Fred Hutch awards $2,000 each to five non-presenting nurses to attend a national conference each fiscal year, providing an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a national conference and understand how nurses may contribute with future work.

Past Recipients

  • Jodie Errington
  • Beatrice Franco
  • Jaclyn Gines
  • Megan Miller
  • Mariah Oakes
  • Shauna Barry
  • Veronica Hoy
  • Nikki Mendoza
  • Jennifer Singer
  • Heidi Stecher