Research, Clinical Trials and Evidence-Based Practice Implementation

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is taking ownership for developing implementation plans and creating research orders to best support the needs of its patients.

Clinical Operations – Research Services (CORS)

The CORS team provides concierge services and partners with research teams to support faster study start-up and improved research care delivery. Research nurses are dedicated to individual studies and play an integral role in the research team.

Clinical Trials Unit

Fred Hutch’s Clinical Trials Unit provides highly specialized care to patients who are participating in clinical trials. Nurses on the clinical trials unit work closely with research teams to deliver care and conduct important tasks for data collection and monitoring.

Nursing-Led Research

Fred Hutch nurses are encouraged to take part in research, evidence-based practice (EBP) and quality improvement (QI) initiatives in their departments and across the organization. Every year, Fred Hutch nurses promote the art and science of oncology nursing by writing abstracts, publishing articles and presenting posters based on their work at conferences all over the world.

Past Projects Presented at Conferences

Training for Telephone Triage
Martha Read, Jennifer Singer, Phuong Huynh, Stacey Chochoms, Sydne Mead-Smith, & Terri Cunningham
ONS Congress

Improving Chemotherapy Patient Education Through Standardization: Does A Policy Help?
Martha Read, Eve Segal, Laura Carr, Laura Crandall, & Terri Cunningham
ONS Congress

Developing Nursing Education Curriculum for a New Clinic Space and Model of Care
Jennifer Singer, Sarah Kimbrough, & Amelia Sherinski
ONS Congress

Going Virtual: Reimagining the Delivery of Continuing Education Through a Virtual CE Library
Briana Sanger, Katheryn Christiansen, & Kathleen Shannon Dorcy
ONS Congress

Providing Nursing Education in the Outpatient Oncology Setting During a Global Pandemic
Anna Peterson & Kimberly Ito
ONS Congress

Oncology Care in a Global Pandemic: Innovation to Enhance Patient Safety and Quality Care
Angie Rodriguez, Kim Koegel, & Jeannine Sanford
ONS Congress

Refining the Bone Marrow Processing Procedure to Create a More Efficient and Safer Product
Kristen Williams
American Society for Apheresis Conference

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Saline-Only Flush for Powerflow Locking
Emily Anderson
American Society for Apheresis Conference

Implementation of a Study Program for Qualification in Apheresis (QIA) Exam During COVID-19 Pandemic
Kristen Williams
American Society for Apheresis Conference

Performance Validation of TPE on Spectra Optia System
Mylene Macabeo
American Society for Apheresis Conference

Nurse Education – Care for CAR-T Cell Patients
Anne Reese
Transplant and Cellular Therapy Meetings (TCT)

Long-Term Follow-Up of CAR-T Cell Patients
Whitney Farowich & Soyoung Park
Transplant and Cellular Therapy Meetings (TCT)

Updates on Liver Cancer
Bente Dalby & Martha Read
Puget Sound Oncology Nursing Society Symposium

Ethics – Clinical Research
Kathleen Shannon Dorcy
Hawaii Pacific Health Conference

Preventative Care – Oncology Patients
Mitch Mitchell
Hawaii Pacific Health Conference

A Psychoeducational Series for Caregivers: What the Caregivers Have Taught Us
Ann Breen, Tammy Weitzman, & Suni Elgar
ONS Bridge

Team Nursing: Considering a New Nursing Model
Sarah Kimbrough, Natasha Ng, Marni Walker, Ceyborn Newton, & Amelia Sherinski
ONS Bridge

Paclitaxel Reaction Rates and Impact on Nursing Practice
Melissa Powell
ONS Bridge

Patient Assignment Method Impacts on Nurse Satisfaction
Claire Kellogg, Colleen Detweiler, Michelle Pierce, & Katherine Ortner
ONS Bridge

Evaluation of Hazardous Drug Contamination in Bathrooms in an Ambulatory Oncology Center
Seth Eisenberg
ONS Bridge

Inspiring Collaboration and Change Through an Oncology Nursing Journal Club
Margaret O’Malley, Denae Davis, Lenise Taylor, Phuong Huynh
ONS Bridge

Integration of Nursing Research into Clinical Practice
Melissa Harlan, Fran Lewis, Katheryn Christiansen, Kathleen Shannon Dorcy, Ellen Zahlis, Janice Lloyd, Terri Cunningham, Mary-Elizabeth Percival, Sunny So, Cynthia McMinn, Danielle Sutherlin, Donelle Rizzuto, Beth Champion, & Gloria Hernandez
ONS Bridge

Creating a Culture and Building Processes for Safe and Reliable Care in a Large Comprehensive Cancer Center
Katie Maletich & Adina Maynard
ONS Bridge

Nursing Professional Development

Many leadership and professional development opportunities are available to Fred Hutch nurses who are looking to expand their role or grow their skill set. Nurses may seek advanced roles within departments such as quality, regulatory affairs, education or program development.



Fred Hutch supports the following scholarship opportunities for nurses to grow their nursing practice through education and professional development.

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Residency Programs

Fred Hutch supports the education and growth of students, novice nurses and experienced nurses through a variety of specialized training and residency programs. 

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Continuing Education

Fred Hutch’s Clinical Continuing Education (CE) Library has a robust range of live and pre-recorded classes and webinars from world-renowned experts in cancer care. Access is available to staff and students at all Fred Hutch locations, network affiliate sites and academic partner institutions.

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