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At our Science Says virtual events, Hutch experts share the latest research in cancer and COVID-19. Join us for dynamic conversations, ask questions of our scientists, and gain insights that will help you make informed decisions about your and your family's health. Events are free, and everyone is invited to join.

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Science Says: Renew, refocus, reduce risk Lowering risk of cancer through the science of prevention February 4, 2022
Science Says: Fearless science Immunotherapy, equity in colorectal cancer and the latest on the COVID-19 virus's omicron variant December 2, 2021
Science Says: Cracking the code in solid tumors How scientists are developing targeted new therapies for cancers of the breast, lung, stomach and more October 13, 2021
Science Says: Back to the future Navigating work, school, and well-being in a world transformed by COVID-19 August 20, 2021

Videos & Transcripts of Past Events

Science Says: Three for 2023: Collaborations That Inspire Us — November 29, 2022
Science Says: Precision Oncology and the Cancers You Care About — October 12, 2022
Science Says: The Promise of Precision Oncology — May 26, 2022
Science Says: COVID Corner — February 1, 2022
Science Says: COVID Corner — November 30 2021
Science Says: Cracking the Code in Solid Tumors — October 7, 2021
Science Says: Back to the Future — August 10, 2021
Science Says: Curing Cancer for All — June 15, 2021
Science Says: B + T = Immunotherapy Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer — April 27, 2021
Science Says: Tech, Terabytes and Transformation: How new tools and approaches are supercharging cancer research — March 23, 2021
Science Says: Progress on the Pandemic: a year of tackling COVID-19 — February 23, 2021
Science Says: Keeping healthy with new routines — now and after COVID-19 — January 26, 2021
Science Says: Stay healthy (and safe) this holiday season — November 19, 2020
President’s Conversation: navigating cancer and cancer research during the pandemic — October 21, 2020
President’s Conversation: the dramatic ways COVID-19 has changed science — September 25, 2020
Science Says: Vaccinating the World, two global experts explain what it will take to succeed — June 5, 2020

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