Make a Corporate Gift

Strengthen Your Business, Build Your Community

Smart philanthropy can differentiate your company from your competitors and grow your bottom line. And as part of a company that values giving to the common good, you can make a difference in the lives of people in your community and around the world, including your employees and customers.

Align Your Mission

The diversity of Fred Hutch’s research, education and social programs ensures that any company or corporate foundation can find an opportunity to make investments that further a philanthropic vision. Your company’s generous partnership is critical for improving health for this generation and the next — and inspiring others — in businesses, our community and around the world.

Align Your Brand

By making a public commitment to advancing cancer research, your company can attract new customers who are drawn to a business that supports a cause they care about. And in today’s competitive hiring environment, your company can deepen its relationship with employees by demonstrating a commitment to a cause that is close to their hearts.

“We at Safeway are thrilled to be able to provide seed money for the phenomenal researchers at Fred Hutch who have and will continue to initiate breakthrough science on their various paths toward cures for cancer.”

— Sara Osborne, Albertsons Safeway

Partnership Options

Contributions from generous businesses provide key support to supplement government grants and fund research at Fred Hutch that saves lives. Regardless of the type of gift — from an event sponsorship to a direct donation — your company's investment enables lifesaving ideas and helps grow your business.

Direct Impact


Direct investment in programs or research at Fred Hutch has an immediate and tangible impact on lifesaving research. By making a gift or grant, your company also has the opportunity to interact with leaders in the biomedical community and develop the potential for future commercial partnerships. Help educate the next generation of scientific leaders by supporting Hutch education programs, which serve high school students through postdoctoral fellows. Our programs train scientists at all levels and help educators bring scientific research to school-age students.

Cause-Related Marketing


Harness the power of Fred Hutch’s brand by creating a special promotion that features your company’s brand, products and services while simultaneously rallying members of the community around an important cause. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop a cause-related marketing campaign that will showcase your brand and increase consumer loyalty. These campaigns can take many forms, from cash register promotions to specially created products to percentage of sales. Take advantage of various benefits that match your campaign needs, size and duration.

Event Sponsorship


Events offer our corporate partners the opportunity to reach audiences who are passionate supporters of our research. Your company will receive increased visibility and recognition through event programs, signage, social media and other materials while fueling lifesaving cancer research. Event sponsorship opportunities — and benefit packages — are available at a variety of gift levels.

President’s Circle


Corporate members are encouraged to join our President's Circle. With annual gifts of $10,000 or more, this distinguished group of individual and corporate members provides funding to new ideas and innovations as they emerge.

Naming Opportunities


With the donation of a tangible asset such as scientific equipment or a gift to name one of our research spaces, you can display your organization’s name proudly to all those who use that resource. Or your organization can leave an enduring legacy by establishing a named endowment to support a researcher or scientific program in perpetuity and receive recognition every time that scientist or program is mentioned. 

Matching Gifts and Employee Giving


Foster a spirit of connection and camaraderie in your workplace through the shared goal of raising money to save lives. A matching gift empowers your employees to accelerate research and multiplies their impact on your community. During your workplace giving campaigns, your employees can hear directly from our researchers about the science their gifts are advancing, building relationships, knowledge and employee satisfaction.

In-Kind Giving


Grow affinity for your brand by donating your company’s products, goods or services to power Fred Hutch’s research. In-kind gifts can help you build brand loyalty among key customer groups, including our supporters and scientists.

“Today’s cancer researchers need additional funding to fulfill the promise of lifesaving discoveries, and there is no better place for that to happen than at Fred Hutchinson Cancer [Research] Center. … We are proud to contribute to their efforts.”

— Mark Bocchi, Alaska Airlines

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Last Modified, November 04, 2019