President’s Circle

Drive Cures Faster

The President’s Circle — a distinguished group of individual and corporate members who share Fred Hutch’s vision for the elimination of cancer and related diseases — provides critical, aggregate funding to speed the development of new ideas and innovations in research as they emerge. Annual gifts of $10,000 or more through the President’s Circle sustain programs vital to the Hutch’s mission, including pilot research projects, shared research facilities and equipment, faculty recruitment and training for the next generation of biomedical researchers.


members comprise President’s Circle

720 President’s Circle members have generously supported the Hutch’s leading-edge research.


companies support bold science

Many local and national businesses have joined us in our mission to cure cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


active inventions developed

Fred Hutch scientists seek opportunities to license their inventions and other intellectual property resulting from their research.


towards a federal grant pilot project

A $50,000 gift allows scientists to explore a new idea with a pilot project that could lead to a large federal grant - and a cure.

Member Benefits

Please note that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, in-person benefits are subject to adjustments.

  • Invitations to a variety of events including faculty research discussions and conversations with Hutch leadership.
  • Updates from Dr. Thomas J. Lynch Jr., president and director and holder of the Raisbeck Endowed Chair and other Fred Hutch scientists and clinicians.
  • Impact reports featuring Hutch research and how your investment is making a difference.
  • Invitations to Fred Hutch fundraising events.
  • Recognition of your generosity online. 
  • A personal tour of the Hutch campus in Seattle.
  • The knowledge that you are fueling innovation to help the lives of those facing cancer and other diseases. 

Corporate Member Benefits

Corporate members receive the following benefits:

  • Your company’s name on the President’s Circle roster.
  • The suite of benefits and networking opportunities (see above) for a company leader or representative.

Private Funding in Action

A portrait of Sue Biggins in her lab

Uncovering the Origins of Cancer

Dave Jackson and family

Kickstarting Kidney Cancer Immunotherapy

A portrait of Dr. Hans-Peter Kiem near a microscope

Curing HIV

A portrait of Dr. Pete Nelson

Treating Prostate Cancer

Uncovering the Origins of Cancer

Dr. Sue Biggins studies how cells divide and distribute their chromosomes, a process that is almost always disrupted in cancer. The major structure involved in maintaining the precision of this process is the kinetochore, but understanding its functionality eluded scientists. During a pivotal point in her research, Dr. Biggins received President’s Circle funding that allowed her to devise a new technique to better study the kinetochore, which has important implications for treating cancer.

Invest in the breakthroughs that will lead to more cures.

Member Roster

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A - E

Robin Abraham and Deepa Thomas
Neil Ackley
ACSINC - American Cancer Society
Actuate Therapeutics, Inc
Affini-T Therapeutics
Agilent Technologies
Aldarra Foundation
Alexandria Real Estate
Jim and Catherine Allchin
Alloy Therapeutics, Inc.
Thad Alston and Karen Glover
Judson and Laura Althoff
Chap and Eve Alvord
American Association for
     Cancer Research
American Association of
American Cancer Society
American College of
American Heart Association
American Lung Association
American Society of Hematology
The Anderson Foundation*
Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson
Dr. Garnet Anderson and
     Dr. David Carrell
Loch Anderson and Allyn Perkins
Ric and Kaylene Anderson
Stephen and Rita Anderson
Ron and Kimberly Andronaco
The Apex Foundation
Dr. Frederick and Dita Appelbaum*
ARCH Venture Partners LP
Marco Argenti and Nanyan Li
The Arnold Family Foundation
Scott and Paula Atkison
Audio Visual Factory
Ed and Linda Averett
Avis Alaska Rent-A-Car, Inc.
Axiom Healthcare Strategies
Bank of America
Robert A. Banks and
     Marcia Coulon Banks
Joe and Karyn Barer
Brett Barrett
Peter and Jane Barrett
Dr. Lori Bartels and
     Mr. Edward Menard
Richard and Evelyn Bateman
Bayley Family Foundation*
Ron and Joan Bayley

Yvonne Beaton
John Bedard
Carl and Renée Behnke*
David and Joanna Beitel*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Bell
Robert and Jan Bender
David and Sharon Berett
Barbara Berg and Dan Gottschling
Mark and Stephanie Berggren
Linda J. Berkman
Bessemer Trust
Yvonne M. Betson Trust -
     Jeff and Ethel Maxwell*
Bevan Daddino Foundation, Inc.
Bezos Family
Jeff Bezos
Susan Biggins and
     Thomas R. Henderson
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill Pierre Ford, Inc
Joseph Binz
Bishop Family Legacy Foundation
BK Hope Cures
Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
Brandon Blair
Kristianne and John Blake
Ann Blank and John Silber
John R. and Paula Blood Family Trust
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Blue Nile
William A. Bock
Lisa and Norm Bontje
Cathy Boshaw and Doug Edlund*
Sean and Shelley Boyle
The Brain Research Foundation
Brave Like Gabe Foundation
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Bristol Myers Squibb
Brad and Amy Brotherton
David and Lisa Browdy
George and Barbara Brown
Jay Bryant
Aaron Bueler and Carolyn True
Richard and Loraine Burger
Dave Burke and Louise O'Reilly
The Burkland Family
Leslie Burns and Corey Johnson
Shari Burns and Frederick Burns*
Richard and Melinda Bus
Ward and Judy Bushnell
Gary and Catherine Bylund*
Keith Byrum and Kim Blanchard

Claudia and Thomas Campanile
Phyllis and William Campbell
Thomas and Sonya Campion
Canaan Management LLC
Cancer Research Collaboration
Cancer Research Institute
Carlson Family Foundation*
Gail and John Carpenter
Cecelia Carr and Thomas Carr*
Darrell and Siobhan Cavens
Alan J. Chaffee and
     Mary Kathryn Raschko
Ann Chamberlin
Champions for Cures
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Jackson Chao and March Chao
Diana Chaplin
Chateau Retirement
     Communities LLC
Dr. and Mrs. Martin A.
     "Mac" Cheever
Children's Cancer Research Fund
Eunice and Dan Choi
Rajiv Chopra and Lavina Wadhwani
Robyn and David Christenson
Joan G. Clark, MD
Simon Peter Clarke and
     Alice Frick Burden
Mike and Corry Clayville
Monica Clements
Dr. Bruce Clurman and
     Deb Gumbardo
Jeannette M. Coburn
Donna Cochener
Michael Cockrill
Stephanie Cohen and Erik Glover
Roger and Kimberly Collins
Color Foundation
The Concern Foundation
William and Lisa Conquergood
Ginger Cooper
Mike and Nancy Cordry
Barbara Cosgrove and
     Frank Yandrasits
Megan Cosgrove
Quinn Cosgrove
Costco Wholesale
Jane and David Cottrell
Mary and Frank Cowles
Crabby Beach Foundation
Timothy and Sherry Crichfield

Christine and Johnny Crowell
Paula H. Crown
Judith and Michael Crutcher
Janice Cuny
Cush It To The Limit
Cytek Biosciences
Anthony Daddino and Susan Bevan
Damon Runyon Cancer Research
David Cutler Foundation
Dr. Nancy E. Davidson and
     Dr. Thomas W. Kensler
Kurt and Suzan DelBene
Colleen and Bryan Del Monte
John C. Delo
Anita and Chuck Deters
John and Karen DeVore
Eric and Tracy Dobmeier
Pamela G. Doctor
The Dodson Foundation Inc
Carey and John Dondero
Doris Duke Foundation
Dorsey & Whitney Trust
     Company LLC
Nate and Patty Dowden
Ann Dowell
The Dr. Maxwell Hurston Family
Richard and Kathleen Dray-Lyons
William and Jane Durch
Diane and Ned Dye
Echo Bay Foundation
Earl and Denise Ecklund
Jens Eckstein and Gabrielle Strobel
Edward Jones
Jack and Sandra Efird
Karl Ege*
Richard and Janet Eichler
Julie Elkington
Richard and Joanne Elliott
Elsa U. Pardee Foundation
Elysian Brewing Company
John and Christine Enslein
Michele Erwin and Bruce Christy
Esther A. & Joseph
     Klingenstein Fund
The Eucalyptus Foundation
European Molecular Biology
David and Jacqueline Evans

President’s Circle includes 25 anonymous donors.
*Charter member
Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2023.

F - M

Limei Fan and Jay Na
Manuel Ferreira and
     Andreanna Kapogiannatos
Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation
Fiduciary Counselling, Inc.
Dr. Saul and Tracy Fink
Mark and Kristin Fleischauer
Cay Fortune and John Shimer
The Foster Foundation
Foundation for the National
     Institutes of Health
Frank and Judith Marshall
Brian and Ashley Franklin
Nat and Diane Franklin
Freestone Capital Management
Robert Frey
Kyle and Jessica Fukuchi
Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for
     Cancer Research
Dr. Denise Galloway
Garland and Carolyn Cox Family Charitable Fund
Michael and Lynn Garvey*
Gastric Cancer Foundation
GE Healthcare Technologies
Geonerco Management, LLC
The George & Fay Young Foundation
George and Stephanie Suddock
Lucy and Robert Geppert
Gerdin Family Foundation
GESA Credit Union
Hamid and Rebecca Ghanadan
Giant Artists
Beverly Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Burke F. Gibson
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Lynda Gilman
D. Wayne and Anne E. Gittinger
Richard F. Glass
GLY Construction Inc.
Charles Goggio, Jr.
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Cheryl and Adam Goldstein
Kenneth J. and Beryl N. Goodchild*
Michael and Linda Goodrick
Goodwin Procter LLP
Douglas and Andrea Gordon
Bill and Jill Gormley
Mr. Stephen M. Graham and
     Mrs. Joanne M. Graham
Roger and Jennifer Grambihler
Joann C. Gray
Barry Greene
Keith and Claire Grinstein
Mark Groudine and
     Cynthia Putnam*
Patricia and Michel Guittet
Carol and Wayne Gullstad
Donald Guthrie and
     Candace Tkachuck*
Susanne and Scott Guthrie
H.D. Fowler Family
Michael Hackett
Helen R. Hafner Trust
Amber Hahto

Mike Halperin and Jodi Green
Gerald and Jeanne Hambly
Panagiotis Handrinos
Carl Hansen
Jerry and Carolyn Haralson
Jeanne Hardie and David Ferrebee
Dorothy A. Hardy
Hargis Engineers, Inc.
The Harkavy-Mack Foundation
S. Elliott Harris
The Hartwell Foundation
Haselwood Auto Group
Deborah and Eric Haug
Jeffrey and Candace Havens
Head for the Cure Foundation
Hearst Foundations
Elsie Heinrick
The Helen Clay Frick Foundation
The Helen Hay Whitney Foundation
Steven and Jorja Henikoff
Doug and Sheri Henrikson
Henry Crown and Company LLC
Bob and Pat Herbold*
Thomas and Mary Herche
Mary Joan Hervey and Finn Lepsoe
Harriet Heyman and Michael Moritz
Pete and Leslie Magid Higgins*
Larry and Marcia Hilberg
Molly M. Hill
Benjamin Hindson
The Hite Foundation
Anna and James Hoag
Holbrook Family Foundation
Marsha and Douglas Holbrook
The Hope Foundation
Peter and Peggy Horvitz*
The Horwitz Family Memorial
Bradley Horwitz and Jana Carlson
Richard Hotes
Mr. David J. Hovind
Shelley M. Hovind
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Robert and Julie Hoyt
Yingzhi and Xuedong Huang
Ross and Emily Hubbard
Jeffrey Huber
Thomas and Julie Hull
Jane and Lawrence Hund
Paula Hurd
The Hutchinson Family*
Hypothesis Fund
Hyundai Hope on Wheels
Suzanne and Richard Ingram*
Inserra Family Foundation
Diane Isonaka
Jacob Green Charity Golf Classic
The James Family Foundation
Mark and Mari Jancola
The Jean E. Thomson Foundation*
Tom and Marian Jensen
Rajesh and Sudha Jha
JMS 360 Family Fund
Jalen Johansen
John C. and Karyl Kay Hughes

John P. Freeman LLC
Elizabeth Johnson
Jon and Gretchen Jones
Kristi and Timothy Jones
Nicholas Jones
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
The Judith A. Lese Breast Cancer
Julia Love Pritt Private Foundation
Harvey and Robin Kanter
The Kaphan Foundation
Rich and Karmann Kaplan
Jim Kaufmann and Mary Thrasher
Sharon Kean and Robert Lipson
Keith & Mary Kay McCaw Family
Linda Kemp
Kenneth Hill Foundation
Philip I. Kent
Keyes Foundation*
Kidney Cancer Association
Bob Kiesendahl
Gary Kindness
The Kleeberger Family Foundation
Norma and Leonard Klorfine
Reginald S. and Ann R. Koehler*
Carmela Koeplin
Wui-Jin Koh
Mike and Debbie Koss*
Merrilee Wickstrom Kullman
Kure It Cancer Research
Kyle Charvat Foundation
Sandra L. La Haye*
Laidir Foundation
Lucy Lambert
Rick and Carole Lamoureaux
Laura Landro and Richard Salomon
Lane Powell PC
Rochelle and George Lazarus
Lease Crutcher Lewis
Peter and Susan Lee
Peter and Nina Leibowits
Shari and Rory Leid
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Samantha and Duncan Levin
Life Sciences Research Foundation
Lily Pointe Family Foundation
Leonard Lin
Michael Lind
Clark and Lori Lindsay
Lynn Lippert and Sal Jepson
Joseph Litner, MD and
     Maria Hugi, MD
David Litwack
Live Like Maya Foundation
Loeb Family Foundation
Benito and Carmen Lopez*
The Lopker Family Foundation
LS Shoen Foundation
Lung Cancer Research Foundation
David and Anne Lutrick
Eline and Walter Lybarger

David and Deborah Lycette
Lymphoma Research Foundation
Dr. Thomas J. Lynch and
     Ms. Laura Pappano
Nea Lynn and Curt Ireland
Pamela Madigan
Jerry and Kristi Mahan
Mark and Nikki Mahan*
Larry and Janice Maloney
Ray and Kathy Mann
John Mar
The Marco J. Heidner Foundation
Marion & John E. Anderson
The Mark Foundation for
     Cancer Research
Frank and Judith Marshall
John and Melissa Matterazzo
Paul and Nancy Maudslien
The Max Foundation
Sylvia and Robert Maxson
David and Meta McDowell
Robert Gregory McGann
Matt and Carol McIlwain
Doug and Ruth McKnight
Carryn McLaughlin
John and Virginia Meisenbach
Margaret Meister and Joan McBride
Charlotte H. Merritt
Norman and Suzanne Metcalfe
The Micah Foundation
Michael's Toyota of Bellevue
Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
Laurie Miyauchi
Cheryl Monaghan
Holly Monek-Anderson
The Moore Charitable
     Foundation, Inc.
Moore Nelson Family Trust
David Moore
Michael and Wendy Moore
Ms. Leigh M. Morgan
Michael and Linda Morgan
Joan Morse and
     Dean Hachamovitch*
Mortenson Company Foundation
Mortenson Construction
Colin and Martha Moseley
David Moseley
Susan Mosler
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
Shan and Lee Mullin*
Multiple Myeloma Cure
     Seekers Society
Herb and Cathy Munson
Erinn Murphy
Carla Murray and Tom Robinson
The Mya Lin Terry Foundation
Nathan Myhrvold and
     Rosemarie Havranek

President’s Circle includes 25 anonymous donors.
*Charter member
Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2023.

N - S

Nadella Family
National Breast Cancer
     Foundation, Inc.
Carol and Paul Neiman
Janice and Robert Newburn
Jonathan and Shirley Ng
John and Alicia Nicholson
Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom
Julie and Erik Nordstrom
Anne and Stephen Norman
Northwestern Mutual
Novartis Oncology
Lee and Deborah Oatey
Kelly M. O'Brien and
     Robert J. Binney
Michael and Esther Ochsman
Agnes O'Connor and Gary Yonaka
The Oki Foundation
Olivia Hope Foundation
John and Billie O'Mack
Omega Fund Management, LLC
OncoResponse, Inc.
One Roof Foundation
Timothy Opler and Susan Lewis
Oscar T. and Olivann Hokold
Ovarian Cancer Research
     Fund Alliance
Lim Ovens
Pacific Program Management
Marlene Page
Young Ju and In Ja Park
Parker Institute for Cancer
Sinikka and Babak Parviz
Ann and John Patnaude
The Paul M. Anderson Foundation
Harry Jonathan Pearce*
Pedersen Living Trust
Pete and Wilma Olsen Foundation
William Peteroy
Warren T. and Eleanor M. Petersen
Vern R. and Anna Peterson
Maureen and J. Peterson
Scott and Michelle Peyree
Peggy Phillips
Paul and Beth Picardo*
Dean and Gwenn Polik and
     The Estate of Valerie Polack*

Brian and Randy Pollock
Ena and Jerry Poncar
Peter and Molly Powell
Yvonne Powell
Prairie Foundation
Mrs. Carol Prato
Lowell and Sasha Press
Prevent Cancer Foundation
Price Philanthropies Foundation
John and Priscilla Privat
Prostate Cancer Foundation
PureTech Health
Hoa Quach and Wayne Dong
John and Maria Quist
Brooks and Suzanne Ragen
Nanda Raghunathan
James and Sherry Raisbeck
Rally Foundation for Childhood
     Cancer Research
James V. Ramsdell, Jr.
Sheri and Marc Rapaport
The Ray Family Foundation
Steven Re and Nadene Re
Scotti Records and Bob Serr
Reed L. Harman and Nan M.
     Harman Foundation
Joanne Regan
Peter and Erika Reinhardt
Laurel and Jeffrey Reitman
Rett Syndrome Research Trust
Paula and Stephen Reynolds
Karen and Clayton Richards
Jennie Richey
Melinda Richter
Stephen T. Richter Family Trust
Lynn Ries and Rodney Proctor
Rita Allen Foundation
RiverStyx Foundation
Lawrence Roalsvig
Robert L. Fine Cancer
     Research Foundation
Judith Robert
Robinett Family
Harlan and Christina Robins
Carol A. Robinson Trust
Drs. Niki and Bryce Robinson
The Rona Jaffe Foundation
Rosalie and Harold Brown

Peter J. and Julie A. Rose
Jeffrey Rubin
The Milton B. Rubin Family
Judy and Jon Runstad*
Andrew and Emily Ryan
The Safeway Foundation
Jesse Salk
Lana Salloum
Sam Day Foundation
Corsee and Martin Sanders
Joel Sarfati and Susan Sarfati
Ellen and Daniel Sargent
Satya and Rao Remala Family*
Sharon Saunders
Michael Schaller and Bruce Jamison
Alice and Randall Schroder
Mary Ann Schroeter
Jim and Bet Schuler*
Gary and Mimi Schulze
Charles and Maria Schweizer
Scully Peretsman Foundation
Robert Scully and Nancy Peretsman
The Seattle Foundation
Seattle-Sonoran Foundation
Janice and Mike Selman
Marlene Semple*
Parag Shah and Aparna Rao
David and Joan Shannon
Elizabeth Sheldon and
     Marvin Parsons
Emily Sheridan
Pete and Laurel Shimer
Kurt and Kylee Shintaffer
Berry and Sam Shoen
Craig Shrontz and Lynn Ristig
Eric and Danie Shutt
Joseph and Christina Siders
Wilbur and Rita Siders
Silver Cloud Foundation*
Simcha Therapeutics
Jim and Jan Sinegal*
Stuart Sloan and
     Molly Nordstrom Sloan*
William and Rebecca Smead
Smith Brothers Farms
Doug Smith and
     Mary Templeman-Smith

Gerry Smith and Vicki Halper
Society for Immunotherapy
     of Cancer
Sofinnova Investments, Inc
Hermine Soler
Khampinh and Lithalo Soysouvanh
Space Needle Foundation
William and Alee Spencer
Phyllis Speser
SRM Development, LLC
Steve and Sally Stadum
The John and Louise Steegstra Memorial Fund
Howard and Cynthia Steinberg
Charlene B. Steinhauer*
Barbara Stephanus
Stephen & Renee Bisciotti
Anthony Stevens
Catherine L. Stevens
John and Sherry Stilin
Todd and Sarah Stine
Harvey and Shirley Strand
Strong 4 Sam
Ambassador Cynthia Stroum*
Cynthia Stroum and
     The Stroum Family Foundation
George and Stephanie Suddock
The Sujal and Meera Patel
Kimberly Sullivan
Sunbeam Foundation
Sunbridge Foundation
Kathy Surace-Smith and Brad Smith
Susan G. Komen
Susan R. and John W. Sullivan
     Foundation, Inc.
The Margie Suskin Charitable Trust
Vivy Svenby
Richard and Janet Swaisgood
The Swanson Family
Carol J. Swarts
Hebah and Jubrail Sweis
Anne Swenson
Swim Across America
Ruth and Frank Szyszkoski

President’s Circle includes 25 anonymous donors.
*Charter member
Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2023.

T - Z

Craig Tall and Penny Legate
Kamlesh and Priya Talreja
Thanksgiving Foundation
Paul and Emily Thelen
Dr. E. Donnall Thomas Jr. and
     Mrs. Lori Thomas
Dr. Elaine Thomas and
     Mr. Mark Childs
Vern Thoreson
Thurston Charitable Foundation
Carolyn Ticknor and Donald Ticknor
Brad and Danielle Tilden
Joseph Tingstad, Jr. and
     Carole Tingstad
Michael and Mindy Tofias
Robin Toft
Holli Tollan
Doris Torkelson
Brian and Cori Towne
Laurel and Darren Trautmann
Nathan and Allison Trinklein
True North Family Foundation Trust
Douglas and Janet True
Stavros Tsitsis
Turner Construction Company*

Shawn L. Underwood and
     Craig M. Johnson
David and Shirley Urdal
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Urner, Jr.
USI Insurance Services
Hendrik Uyttendaele
The V Foundation for
     Cancer Research
Vaccine Company, Inc.
Vadon Foundation
Clint Valentine
Tom and Margo Van Halm*
Van Sloun Foundation*
Frank and Betty Vandermeer
Avtar Vasu
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Robert and Ann Vessella
Gary Villella
Georgia and Jeffery Vincent
Ilya Volodarsky
Kenneth Wahlin
Doug and Maggie Walker
Ellen J. Wallach and
     Thomas R. Darden*
Kent Wallner and Kathryn Elliott
Mr. Joseph N. Walter and
     Ms. Kathy L. Mares

Bruce and Peggy Wanta
George and Gegi Ward
Kathleen Warner
Drs. Edus and Linda Warren
Stephen and Mandy Washburn
Washington Research Foundation
Robert and Juanita Watt
Henry and Laura Weaks
Lynda and Todd Weatherby
Webb Family Foundation
Walter Weber, Jr. and Teri Kopp
Weinstein Family Foundation
Nancy and Hal Weintraub
Wellcome Trust
Michael and Marian Welsh
Mark and Eileen Wesley
Eva Westerlind
James and Roberta Weymouth
Julia White
Marie Legaz Whitley
Allen and Janice Wiesen
Shirley J. Wilcox
Christopher L. and Ruby D. Wilde
Frances Wiley
Pat and Loretta Wiley
The Wilkerson Family
David Will and Cynthia Will

William E. Wockner Foundation
Ian and Paige Wilson
The Wilson Sonsini Goodrich &
     Rosati Foundation
Stephen and Doreen Winslow
Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer
Wise Family Trust
Dennis and Mary Wise
Elsa Wise and Robert Campbell
Shirley Wood
Barbara and Richard Wortley
Joan Sicignano Wrench,
     Craig Andrew Wrench
Thomas and Patricia Wright
Richard and Anita Wyman
The Yao Yuan Sze Foundation
Louise and Richard Yarmuth
Lorrin Yee and Winnie Yee
Yolles Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Robert and Carol Yolles
Tommy H. Yotsuuye
Melinda and Gene Yount
Zent Family Foundation
ZGF Architects*
Greg and Marilyn Zick
Ann and Scott Zimmerman
Janet Zinn*

President’s Circle includes 25 anonymous donors.
*Charter member
Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2023.

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