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Your Support Ignites Discoveries

Cure Starters Circle members advance the pace of research breakthroughs, bringing hope and health to patients around the world. Your support catalyzes the work of Fred Hutch scientists at the forefront of breakthroughs in immunotherapy, disease-preventing vaccines and other paradigm-shifting areas of cancer research.

Your gift has immediate impact, launching new studies faster, accelerating the pace that we can bring new ideas to patients, and fueling the development of lifesaving new therapies.


faster — the speed new projects can launch with donor dollars

Private support helps Fred Hutch launch promising new projects up to six times faster than research funded by government grants alone.


patients receive blood stem cell transplants each year

More than 50,000 patients worldwide receive blood stem cell transplants annually, all tracing back to the Hutch’s pioneering work.


freezers full of biological samples make up our “freezer farm”

More than 1,000 freezers full of biological samples occupy Fred Hutch’s “freezer farm,” overseen 24/7 by facilities engineers.


allows researchers to decode one person’s genetic blueprint

A $6,000 gift allows researchers to decode one person’s entire genetic blueprint and explore factors that increase cancer risk.

Member Benefits

Please note that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, not all in-person benefits are possible at this time. 

$2,500 – $4,999


Your generous annual support of $2,500 or more qualifies you for the following member benefits:

  • Opportunities to meet world-renowned scientists conducting breakthrough research.
  • Recognition of your generosity online and at select fundraising events.
  • Insider information and regular reports about the impact of your investment.
  • Priority ticketing to the Hutch Supper Club series.
$5,000 – $7,499


Enjoy all Discovery benefits plus:

  • Two tickets to the Friday Night Obliteride Party.


Enjoy all Catalyst benefits plus:

  • A personal tour of the Fred Hutch campus.

Become a Cure Starter at Fred Hutch and ignite discoveries.

Member Roster

  • Ignite ($7,500+)
  • Catalyst ($5,000+)
  • Discovery ($2,500+)
  • More (1)
Discovery ($2,500+)

Jon Barwick and Allison Watson
Michael and Tricia Brazier
Mr. Wayne L. Bridges, Jr.
Dwayne and Terese Clark
Bill and Karel Deibel
The Farrell Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Herche
Ann and Glen Hiner
William Howard

Ryan MacDougall
Jeffrey and Stacy McCannon
Grace Meikle
Richard and Kathryn Miyauchi
Larry and Kim Morris
Patti and Gene Neuberger
Michael and Alexandra O'Neill
Christopher Parios and Susan Wyant
Colin and Ronit Plank

Camille Samuels
John and Traci Jo Schneider
Catherine and Lawrence Schwartz
David and Joan Shannon
David Peter Stroud and
   Terri Conover-Stroud
Brian C. Tipple
Georgia and Jeffery Vincent
Julia White

Andrea Alstrup
Chap and Eve Alvord
Shaun and Trisha Anstice
Michael and Tracy Arntz
Asche Family Fund at
    Kitsap Community Foundation
Ed and Linda Averett
Mary M. Baker
Carol Batchelder
Walter and Estel Binder
Yvonne Brandvold
Joseph and Valerie Brown
Karin and Donald Burrows
Pablo Cagnoni and Lesley Hathaway
Ruth Cannon
Gail and John Carpenter
Cecelia Carr
Eleni Carras
Sandy and Mary Carter
Robert and Cheryl Castagna
Jenny and Erol Ceran
Min-Hwa Cheng Kennard
Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Chilcote, Jr.
Sandra Christean
Mary C. Clare and Ryan J. Hall
Dennis and Lori Clavin
Roger and Kimberly Collins
Jeffrey and Andrea Cordova
Eva Corets and Josh Beloff
Terry and Sharon Covey
Nathaniel David
Jonathan Davis
Carla De Boer
Colleen and Bryan Del Monte
Russell and Marion Dorer
Bruce and Polly Douglass
Brian Dowd
David and Sharon Eskenazi
Donna Evered and Gary Bezowsky
Richard and Susan Fade
Christopher and Amie Fahey
Limei Fan and Jay Na
Mary and David Flowers
Michael and Chala Ford
Diana H. Frazier
Margel S. Gallagher
Praerit and Kavita Garg
Terence A. Gerace
Jill and Terry Gilliland
Chuck Glass
Kenneth J. and Beryl N. Goodchild
Michael and Linda Goodrick
Ken and Betsy Greenbaum

Jeff and Judy Greenstein
Fiona Griffin
Nicole Gudmundson
Patricia Hanson
Rebecca Hastings and Dr. Michael Golitz
Deborah and Eric Haug
Jean Tremaine Hustler Fund
Elizabeth Hebert
Janice Hennessey
Kevin Hiniker
Barbara Howell
Jay Huck
Brent Johnson
Chris Johnson
Alice Jolla
Allan Jones and Kris Kaminishi
Scott and Kris Jones
Jeanne Kanach
Richard Karoly
Jim Kaufmann and Mary Thrasher
James Kelly
Lucinda Kelly
Gina Knox
M.J. Kramer
Connie and Gus Kravas
Kenneth Krisko
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Kwik and family
Valerie Lanterman
Douglas Lawrence
Harry Linker
Larry and Phyllis Loeb
Alvin May
Mario and Luciana Mazzola
Judith McBroom
Dr. Julie McElrath and
    Dr. Kenneth D. Stuart
Natalie Meacham and Jim Dow
Lauren Wagner and Robert A. Meyers
David and Kendra Millard
Johnlyn and Vincent Miller
Sandra L. Miller
Scott and Jane Moffitt
Shazad and Betty Mossanen
Kelli and David Murphy
Homer and Karla Muto
Jerry Nairns
Jay Nanduri
Ken and Andree Nelson
Robert and Claudia Nelson
Janice Newburn
Peter Newell
Dr. and Mrs. Mark O'Shaughnessy
Thomas and Cynthia Ostermann

Deb and Mark Perry
Dr. Ulrike Peters and Dirk Petersen
Bill and Kathy Pettit
Deane and Jeffery Pfeil
Peggy Phillips
Kathleen Walker Pratt
Bruce Pym
Caroll Raczkowski
Dale and Priscila Read
Sally Reiquam
Ken and Kim Reneris
Michael and Maureen Rimkus
William R. Ringo
Elizabeth W. Robinson and
    John McVickar Robinson
Rachel and Erik Robison
Robert and Joan Sample
Laurie and John Schmertz
Janice and Mike Selman
Pete and Laurel Shimer
Christian Sievers
Mr. Laurence H. Smead
Brad and Lynne Smith
Robert J. Smith and Patricia A. Smith
Donald and Sharalyn Stabbert
Diane Staves
Preston and Sara Stiefel
Todd and Sarah Stine
Dr. Michael and Peggy Swistak
Gary and Diane Swofford
Bruce and Dawn Tecklenburg
Mrs. Joan F. Thalheimer
Linda Thomas
Gregory and Marilyn Tompkins
Bill Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Tutland
Ms. Bonnie J. Van Sickle
Frank Vandiver
Laura Jane Viverette
Marty and Nancy Waiss
Sheri L. Ward
Therese Wareham and Rick Elfman
David and Marsha Weil
Michael and Paula Weintraub
Brian and Amy Wells
Marie Legaz Whitley
Christopher L. and Ruby D. Wilde
Doug Williams
Dr. Joseph M. Williams
Kelly Williams
Mark C. Winmill
Tomoko Yamazaki and Peter Duncan
Art and Sarah Zaske

Tom Alberg and Judi Beck
Nicholas W. Alexos
Mr. and Mrs. Victor D. Alhadeff
Carol H. Ammons, PhD
Mrs. Karen C. Anderson
Kate Anderson
Lynn and Stewart Anderson
Richard H. Anderson
Thomas J. Andrews
Bob and Clodagh Ash
Libby and Brian Baarstad
Merri Baldwin and Kris Hermanns
Howard Bargreen
Dr. Lori Bartels and Mr. Edward J. Menard
Ben and Susan Baxt
Robert M. Beil
Daniel and Sheila Berggren
Gary and Nancy Bleeker
William and Dana Boden
Sandy Boeskov
Lisa and Norm Bontje
Ned Borgstrom
David and Deborah Bourke
Janice Box
Lisa and Dirk Brandenburg
John C. Bray
The Jan Brekke Family
Benjamin and Nancy Brodie
John F. Burggraff and Janet E. Quimby
Lynne and Mike Bush
Gary Caldwell and Jo Anne Iaciofano
Craig and Sharon Campbell
David and Debra Campbell
Beth Castleberry and Chuck Caruso
Stacey Castleberry and Craig McAllister
Kent and Barbara Chaplin
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy R. Christiansen
Joyce Chui
Mr. Jeffrey H. Cirillo
Robert and Dana Colon
David Connolly
David Contis
Ms. Elizabeth T. Corliss
Dave and Diane Coulombe
Keith Cowan and Linda Walsh
Katy Cox
Marilyn and William Cranston
Lyla Cravero
Larry and Vickie Culver
Robert S. Darling
Iris Davidson
Gary and Eva Dines
James and Camelia Dobrick
Mr. Jeff J. Dossett
James C. Dudley
Lawrence and Angela Dworkin
Gayle and Charles Ede
Heideh Eftehari
Maria Eitel
David and Barbara Ells
Jody Elsom
Dr. Michael Emerman
Anne and Robert Essner
Jean A. Evans
Arthur Faherty
Melvin Flowers and Michele  Dotson
Frank and Barbara Forrest
Shane Foss
Gerald Daily and Janet E. Freeman-Daily
Richard and Jane Gallagher
Stephen Gallegos
Mike Gerlitz
Dr. Kenneth E. Gibson
Peter and Candice Giffin
Sam and Shannon Gilliland
David Goodman
Robert and Barbara Green
Cheryl and Carl Greenfield
Ron and Susan Greenspan
Governor Christine L. and Michael J. Gregoire
Robert Gruber
Richard Grunder and Christina Economou
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Gurtler
Dr. Charles E. Hamilton, Jr.
Sean and Marti Hanratty

Felix and Sara Harke
Steve and Allison Harr
Scott and Darel Harrison
Katherine and Robert Heeren
Russell L. Henderson
Kathleen Hensley
Richard and Marilyn Herzberg
Bill and Emily Heston
Shari Hill
Katharine and Brian Hogan
Scott and Debbie Holbrook
Janet Hubbard
Niles and Ginger Hushka
Akira and Jena Itami
Hanan Jacoby and Benu Bidani
Pierre and Christine Jammes
Robin Jenkinson
Megan and Brian Jennings
Kenneth and Beverly Kay
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kennedy
Helen and Lawrence Kim
Dr. Susan S. Kim, DDS and Steve Cho
Pauline M. and Robert A. Kirchner
Robert M. Knappe
Kyoko Kurosawa and
    Steve Pergam, M.D.
Ms. Joan C. Lasersohn
Rebecca Lashley
Richard and Rosemary Law
Peter and Susan Lee
Mr. and Mrs. John Lester
William and Roberta Leung
Robert Levine and Mary Ildvad
Sin and Anne Lew
Carol Licht
Jerrold Liebermann and Linda J. Harris
Michael Lind
David A. Little and Michelle A. Gray
The Mark A. Long Family
Brett and Karen Lowry
Everil Loyd, Jr.and Joanne DelBene
Ms. Phyllis E. Lufkin
Sandra and Frederick Mabbott
Mr. and Mrs. Darrel D. Mack
David Mack
Helen and David Mandley
Ray and Kathy Mann
John and Melissa Matterazzo
William and Nancy Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. McCune
Dave McDonald
McDowell Family
Joan Ellen McInerney, MD, FACEP
Charlene E. McKenzie
Tom and Sharon McNearney
Margaret Meister and Joan McBride
Jack and Linda Menashe
Roger and Mary Mercer
Lawrence and Bernice Meurk
Doug Meyer-Cuno
John and Stacey Moffet
Sandra and Kenneth Moffet
Dr. and Mrs. Kendall M. Mohler
Philip Morabito
Robert More
John and Heather Morrow
Ulrich Mueller and Diana Ensenat
Elliott Munger
Kim and Susan Murphy
Dr. Keyvan and Parvin Naficy
David W. Nauditt
Rhonda and Larry Nelsen
Nicoline and Michael Nelson
Dr. Peter S. Nelson and Molly Rothwell
Dr. Marian L. Neuhouser, PhD
Molly Nordstrom
Pete and Brandy Nordstrom
Michael and Pamela O'Donnell
Mr. Benedict A. Olk and Ms. Kris Berggren
Gail Olson-Laing and Mike Laing
Christian and Kristin O'Meara
Dr. Gilbert S. Omenn
Mr. Rick D. Parducci
Daniel and Allison Parsley
Robert Parsley

Eric Peeters
Mark and Nancy Pellegrino
Jean S. Penrose
The Peras
Robert Perleberg
Mr. and Mrs. Randal L. Peterson
David Petterson and Heidi Hanson
Daniel and Courtenay Peyovich
Ann Logan Phillips and Tony Sepanski
Carl and Donna Platou
David and Nancy Powell
Mrs. Carol Prato
Lauren Puglia and Paul Rosenstrach
Robert and Victoria Quiles
Heidi and John Rabel
Andrea Rabney
Albert and Ann Ramos
Jeanne M. Reinke
Bart and Wendy Ricketts
Marjorie Robey
Karl Roebke
Gregory and Kjerstin Root
Brian A. Ross and Susan B. Reinstein
Michael Roth
Jeannine Ryan
Christopher and Heidi Scalzo
Larry Schall
Larry Scheinfeld
Antoine Schetritt and Amanda Brotman
David Schiffrin
Mr. Eckhard Schipull
Kristi and John Schumacher
Mari Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Seifert
Tim Sellereit
Julia and Clark Sept
Cindy and John Shea
Mrs. and Mrs. Martin R. Shelley
Ruth and John Shimondle
Shannon and William Shugart
Mirel Sinclair
Beyant Singh
Scott and Kimberly Skorupa
Mary and Bryan Smith
Lindsay Sovde and Neil McIrvin
Jim and Marta Specht
Sridhar Srinivasan and Sumathy Muthuswamy
Ron and Mary St. Martin
Joan and Sheldon Steier and Barbara Blywise
Kathleen Stetson
Samuel Stevens
Ms. Kathryn Y. Stevenson
Marjorie F. Stewart
Karen Stone
Aaron Strout
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Tandy
Julia and Thomas Taylor
Lawrence and Karen Taylor
Ian Thomas
Tom Traweek
Stavros Tsitsis
Dr. Thomas Uldrick
Carol L. Ure
Mitchel and Michele Usibelli
Ms. Suzanne E. Vaughan
Terry and Lara Vehrs
Frederic Vicik
Robert von Bereghy
The Alan J. von Kreuter Family Trust
Andrea Voytko
Dana Weller
Suzanne and Bob Werner
Amy Whaley
Joe White
Cecil R. Whitlock
William Whittemore
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Wiler
Charles and Linda Williams
Donn and Patricia Wilson
Kevin and Shauna Wilson
Mrs. Jean T. Wyckoff
Lance and Shannon Yale
Richard and Mary Jane Zahniser
Jason and Margorie Zander
Ms. Joyce M. Zenner

Cure Starters Circle includes 13 anonymous donors.

Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2020.

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