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Your Support Ignites Discoveries

Cure Starters Circle members advance the pace of research breakthroughs, bringing hope and health to patients around the world. Your support catalyzes the work of Fred Hutch scientists at the forefront of breakthroughs in immunotherapy, disease-preventing vaccines and other paradigm-shifting areas of cancer research.

Your gift has immediate impact, launching new studies faster, accelerating the pace that we can bring new ideas to patients, and fueling the development of lifesaving new therapies.


faster — the speed new projects can launch with donor dollars

Private support helps Fred Hutch launch promising new projects up to six times faster than research funded by government grants alone.


patients receive blood stem cell transplants each year

More than 50,000 patients worldwide receive blood stem cell transplants annually, all tracing back to the Hutch’s pioneering work.


freezers full of biological samples make up our “freezer farm”

More than 1,000 freezers full of biological samples occupy Fred Hutch’s “freezer farm,” overseen 24/7 by facilities engineers.


allows researchers to decode one person’s genetic blueprint

A $6,000 gift allows researchers to decode one person’s entire genetic blueprint and explore factors that increase cancer risk.

Member Benefits

Please note that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, not all in-person benefits are possible at this time. 

$2,500 – $4,999


Your generous annual support of $2,500 or more qualifies you for the following member benefits:

  • Opportunities to meet world-renowned scientists conducting breakthrough research.
  • Recognition of your generosity online and at select fundraising events.
  • Insider information and regular reports about the impact of your investment.
  • Priority ticketing to the Hutch Supper Club series.


$5,000 – $7,499


Enjoy all Discovery benefits plus:

  • Two tickets to the Friday Night Obliteride Party.


Enjoy all Catalyst benefits plus:

  • A personal tour of the Fred Hutch campus.

Become a Cure Starter at Fred Hutch and ignite discoveries.

Member Roster

  • Ignite ($7,500+)
  • Catalyst ($5,000+)
  • Discovery ($2,500+)
  • More (1)
Discovery ($2,500+)

Brett Barrett
Mr. Wayne L. Bridges, Jr.
Brad and Amy Brotherton
Lynne and Mike Bush
Gary Glick
Amber Hahto
William Howard

Lloyd and Alice Jensen
Stacy and Kim Johnson
Jennifer and John Loy
Carol McClung
Grace Meikle
Terry and Katie Myerson

Christopher Parios and Susan Wyant
Bill and Kathy Pettit
Mike Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Sarfati
Genevieve Waldman
Christopher L. and Ruby D. Wilde

Hoda Abou-Jamra
Claudia and Vebjorn Antonsen
Pradeep Atluri
Prasant Atluri
Peter and Jane Barrett
Samuel and Iris Berger
Margaret Blaker
Larry and Cindy Blasko
Dr. Pam Becker and Dr. Marc Stewart
Lisa and Norm Bontje
Doug and Gail Boushey
Marylou and Randall Brannan
Vincent Bucci
Joseph and Mary Bundrant
Sherman Bushnell
Sharon Callahan
Cecelia Carr*
Richard Carr and Jeanne Meyers
Robert and Cheryl Castagna
Paul P. Cayard
Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Chilcote, Jr.
Robyn Christenson
Roger and Kimberly Collins
Larry and Amy Corey
Susan and Frank Countner
David Dautel
Carla De Boer*
Colleen and Bryan Del Monte
Robin and Chuck Drescher
Donna Evered and Gary Bezowsky
Nathan and Lisa Every
Christopher and Amie Fahey
Elmer Flowers*
Mary and David Flowers
Diana H. Frazier
Fred and Gayle Bieker Family Fund in the
     Idaho Community Foundation
John and Carol Gallagher
Kathleen Gallagher
Margel S. Gallagher
Chuck Glass
Edward and Penelope Glassmeyer
Andre and Susan Glick
Roger and Jennifer Grambihler
Michael Green
Jack and Dorothy Guinn
Maureen Halligan and Frank Brennan

Al and Cindy Harness
Edwin F. and Noriyo Hawxhurst
Arthur and Barbara Higgins
Mary Frances Hill
Molly M. Hill
William and Marjorie Holodnak
Larry Holzman
Tim and Susan Howell
Jay Huck*
Steve and Kimberly Hughes-Moazed
Dana Hurley and Matt Thomlinson
Niles and Ginger Hushka*
Jonathan Isaacsohn
Marilyn Jackson*
Hanan Jacoby and Benu Bidani
Mr. Kay D. Jones
Jeanne Kanach
Joel Katz
Jim Kaufmann and Mary Thrasher
Rajiv Kaul
Rick and Carole Lamoureaux
Paul and Johanna Lampe
Douglas Lawrence
Reid and Debra Leonard
Richard Lin and Melanie Webster
Harry Linker
Lynn Lippert and Sal Jepson
Carl and Carrie Lovsted
Lana Lueschow
Mr. and Mrs. Darrel D. Mack
Mario and Luciana Mazzola
Tim and Julie McCann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McDonald
Dr. Julie McElrath and Dr. Kenneth D. Stuart
Peter and Kelly McLoughlin
Yazmin Mehdi and Liam Lavery*
Greg and Mary Moga
Mark and Alaina Molinaro*
Larry and Kim Morris
Joan Morse and Dean Hachamovitch
Gina Knox
Kelli and David Murphy
Amir Nashat
Carol and Raymond Nelson
Dr. Peter S. Nelson and Molly Rothwell
Patti and Gene Neuberger*
Chuck and Tracy Nordhoff

Edmund O'Brien and Nicole Wolki
Agnes O'Connor and Gary O'Connor
Mr. Benedict A. Olk and Ms. Kris Berggren
Tom and Miggie Olsson
Susan Osterman
Hae-Joo Park
Ardem Patapoutian
Laurie Perez
Matthew and Stacy Perry
Wayne and Christine Perry
Dr. Zaiga A. Phillips
Mark and Mara Pruzanski
Caroll Raczkowski
Bard and Julie Richmond
Elizabeth W. Robinson and John McVickar Robinson
Steve and Jackie Rosetta
Tara Roth
Kayley Runstad Swan and Tony Swan
Camille Samuels
Paul Sekhri
David and Joan Shannon
Christian Sievers
Brad and Lynne Smith
Mrs. Aleisa A. Spain
Dr. Phyllis L. Speser
Donald and Sharalyn Stabbert
Diane Staves
Joan and Sheldon Steier and Barbara Blywise
Kathryn and Mark Strecker
David Peter Stroud and Terri Conover-Stroud
Patricia Sturman
Ann Sutherland
Dr. Michael and Peggy Swistak
Dr. Daniel Syrdal
Dr. Josephine J. Templeton
Steuart Thomsen
Praveen Tipirneni
Matthew Trunnell and Maia Hansen
David and Shirley Urdal
George and Laura Jane Viverette
Sarah and Richard Ward
Jim and Diane Watson
David and Marsha Weil
Marie Legaz Whitley
Barry and Barbara Winstead
Richard and Anita Wyman
Jason and Margorie Zander

Richard Adatto
Charles and Margaret Anderson
Kent and Ingrid Angier
Stephen and Laurie Arnold
Ed and Linda Averett
Christine Aylward
Dr. Lori Bartels and Mr. Edward J. Menard
Ben and Susan Baxt
I. Georgina Bayley
Robert M. Beil
Ms. Judith A. Bickenbach
Susan Biggins and Thomas R. Henderson
Stephen and Julie Bishop
Kristianne and John Blake
Gary and Nancy Bleeker
Joel and Bridgette Blewett
Peter and Kelly Boal
Michael and Alison Bonney
Michele and Stephen Boone
Rajesh and Ritu Boorgu
David and Deborah Bourke
Lois E. Brandt
John C. Bray*
John F. Burggraff and Janet E. Quimby
John P. Burrell and Renee F. Brisbois
Jeffrey H. Butler
Betsy and John Cadwallader
Roger and Verlynne Callihan*
Ann Carmel
Kent and Barbara Chaplin
Jerry and Christine Chase
Ommer Chohan
Nancy Cirillo
Dennis and Lori Clavin
Kelly Clinch
Cynthia and Thomas Cole
Jeffrey and Andrea Cordova
Katy Cox
Gerald Daily and Janet E. Freeman-Daily
Iris Davidson
Dick and Maryanne Davis
Bill and Karel Deibel
Marybeth E. Dingledy
James and Camelia Dobrick
Russell and Marion Dorer
Kristi and Kenny Drake
Katherine D'Urso
Gayle and Charles Ede
Heideh Eftehari
Jerry E. and Julianne C. Elkington
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Ellman, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence V. Erickson
Jean A. Evans
Cathy Fallen-Mathews and Keith Mathews
Faith L. Flugel
Garland and Carolyn Cox Family Charitable Fund
Burke and Dolores Gibson*
Dr. Kenneth E. Gibson
Michael and Linda Goodrick
Leonard and Joni Green
Cheryl and Carl Greenfield
Ron and Susan Greenspan
Christine and Todd Hadley
Dr. Charles E. Hamilton, Jr.
Felix and Sara Harke
Alan Hartman

Michel G. Hebrant
Kristi Heim
Janice Hennessey
Kathleen Hensley
Richard and Marilyn Herzberg
Con Hewitt
Norma and Robert Holtz
Thomas and Julie Hull
Akira and Jena Itami*
Marianne and Thomas Ivey
Pierre and Christine Jammes
Brent Johnson
Terry and Susan Johnson
Soohan and Helen Kim
Robert M. Knappe
Kyoko Kurosawa and Steve Pergam, M.D.
Richard and Rosemary Law
Martin and Susan Leeds
Rosemary Lehman
Virginia Lemmon
Lester LeRoss
Mr. and Mrs. John Lester
Jerrold Liebermann and Linda J. Harris*
Michael Lind
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Lomet, PhD
Everil Loyd, Jr. and Joanne DelBene
Ms. Phyllis E. Lufkin
Jodi and Paul Major
Shelley and Chris Maly
Helen and David Mandley*
Mr. John B. Mar
Brian and Malissa Marcinek
Joel and Barbara Marcus
The Mark A. Long Family
Frank and Judith Marshall
Virginia Mayer
Kevin and Sarah McCain
Vanessa McDonald
McDowell Family*
Joan Ellen McInerney, MD, FACEP
Robert and Deanndra McKaig
Roger and Mary Mercer
Brian Merisko
Lawrence and Bernice Meurk*
David Miller
Richard and Kathryn Miyauchi
Barbara Moffat
Geoffrey and Yvonne Monk
Jonathan Morrison and Lucy Davies
John and Heather Morrow
Kim and Susan Murphy*
Dr. Keyvan and Parvin Naficy
Chris Neff
Robert and Claudia Nelson
Erik and Julie Nordstrom
Michael and Pamela O'Donnell*
Niall O'Donnell
Christian and Kristin O'Meara
Dr. Gilbert S. Omenn
Steve Oswald
Ms. Joanne Pace
Alexey Palladin
Robert Parsley
Andy Pashby
John and Melissa Patopea
Beverly A. Pegues

The Peras
Holly Peterson
Paul and Barbara Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Randal L. Peterson
Bradley and Ginny Pietila
Barbara Polkinghorn
Bradley and Lisa Powell
Cassandra and Allen Prescott
Robert and Victoria Quiles
Michael Rabson
Gregory Rankich
Nancy and Jeffery Rich
Anita and Juan Rodarte
Gregory and Kjerstin Root*
Lellius and Judy Rose
John W. Rumpeltes and Leslie R. Thornton
Kathy San Roman
Migael Scherer
John and Traci Jo Schneider
Leonard and Patricia Schroeter
Alan and Susan Schulkin*
Charles and Maria Schweizer
Doug and Lisa Shaeffer
Jacqueline and Neal Shear
Kevin Sherman
Pete and Laurel Shimer
Ruth and John Shimondle
Jennifer and Paul Shong
Richard Sincerbeaux Sr
Robert J. Smith and Patricia A. Smith*
Ryan Sousa
Lindsay Sovde and Neil McIrvin
Ron and Mary St. Martin
Kathleen Stetson
Marjorie F. Stewart
Sharon Stocks
Karen Stone
David Storrs
John and Susan Sullivan
Larry and Debra Swartz
Don and Sharon Tapley
Lawrence and Karen Taylor
Jerry and Kathy Thramer
Paul, Pat and Siri Tift
Tyler and Amy Tonkin
Carol A. Tranfaglia and Timothy R. Osborne
Stavros Tsitsis
Robert von Bereghy
Lauren Wagner and Robert A. Meyers
Marty and Nancy Waiss
Nicholas Walrod
Sara Weaver-Lundberg and Russell Lundberg
Amy Whaley
Whatley Family Foundation
Gregory Whitehead
George and Denise Wickwire
Harold R. Wiggers
Charles and Linda Williams*
Donn and Patricia Wilson
Shauna and Kevin Wilson
Christopher Wilton
Eugene Yang
Edward and Donna Young
Richard and Mary Jane Zahniser*
David Zapolsky and Lynn Hubbard

Cure Starters Circle includes nine anonymous donors.

*Charter member

Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2019.

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