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Your Support Ignites Discoveries

Cure Starters Circle members advance the pace of research breakthroughs, bringing hope and health to patients around the world. Your support catalyzes the work of Fred Hutch scientists at the forefront of breakthroughs in immunotherapy, disease-preventing vaccines and other paradigm-shifting areas of cancer research.

Your gift has immediate impact, launching new studies faster, accelerating the pace that we can bring new ideas to patients, and fueling the development of lifesaving new therapies.


faster — the speed new projects can launch with donor dollars

Private support helps Fred Hutch launch promising new projects up to six times faster than research funded by government grants alone.


patients receive blood stem cell transplants each year

More than 50,000 patients worldwide receive blood stem cell transplants annually, all tracing back to the Hutch’s pioneering work.


freezers full of biological samples make up our “freezer farm”

More than 1,000 freezers full of biological samples occupy Fred Hutch’s “freezer farm,” overseen 24/7 by facilities engineers.


allows researchers to decode one person’s genetic blueprint

A $6,000 gift allows researchers to decode one person’s entire genetic blueprint and explore factors that increase cancer risk.

Member Benefits

$2,500 – $4,999


Your generous annual support of $2,500 or more qualifies you for the following member benefits:

  • Opportunities to meet world-renowned scientists conducting breakthrough research.
  • Recognition of your generosity online and at select fundraising events.
  • Insider information and regular reports about the impact of your investment.
  • Invitation to the Hutch Family Science Showcase.


$5,000 – $7,499


Enjoy all Discovery benefits plus:

  • Two tickets to the Friday Night Obliteride Party.
  • Priority ticketing to the Hutch Supper Club series.


Enjoy all Catalyst benefits plus:

  • A personal tour of the Fred Hutch campus.

Upcoming Cure Starters Circle Events

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Oct 24
Oct 24

Supper Club

06:00 - 08:30 PM
Supper Club is a Jeffersonian-style dinner, that brings guests together for an intimate evening of food and focused conversation. Seated around a table, guests are guided by a moderator in an engaging discussion with a Fred Hutch scientist.
Location Palace Ballroom
Host Fred Hutch

Become a Cure Starter at Fred Hutch and ignite discoveries.

Member Roster

  • Ignite ($7,500+)
  • Catalyst ($5,000+)
  • Discovery ($2,500+)
  • More (1)
Discovery ($2,500+)

Lois E. Brandt
Sharon Garcia
Sharon Kean and Robert Lipson

Kyoko Kurosawa and Steve Pergam, M.D.
Grace Meikle
Sally Reiquam

Gregory and Kjerstin Root
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Veitengruber
Harold R. Wiggers

Asche Family Fund at Kitsap Community Foundation
Craig and Kristina Bartleson
Gregory and Jayne Beckel
Todd and Julee Bennett
Mr. Gary R. Bezowsky and Ms. Donna R. Evered
Mr. Robert R. Braun, Jr.
Brad and Amy Brotherton
Betsy and John Cadwallader
Mrs. Cecelia C. Carr
Robert and Cheryl Castagna
Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Chilcote, Jr.
Michael S. Cowden and Heather M. Andersen
Ronald and Wanda Crockett
Carla De Boer
Laura and Jim DiLella
Edward and Diane Dye
Dr. and Mrs. Blair Evans

Fred and Gayle Bieker Family Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
Phelps and Christel Fisher
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Marta Fortin
Andrea and Drew Foster
Dan and Katie Frei
Victor and Ellen Fung
Jay Huck
Mr. Robert H. Huffman
Marilyn Jackson
Mr. Kay D. Jones
Ruby Lindner and Jeffrey Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Mazzola
Dr. Julie McElrath and Dr. Kenneth D. Stuart
Yazmin Mehdi and Liam Lavery
Mark Molinaro
Patti and Gene Neuberger
Todd and Marci Nicholson

Paul and Beth Picardo
Mr. and Mrs. David Powell
Michael Raskin and Dr. Susan Kupferman
Dale and Priscilla Read
Lellius and Judy Rose
Donald and JoAnne Rosen
JoAnne and Donald Rosen
Jon and Judy Runstad
Melinda and Perry Satterlee
Kevin Shannon
Robert J. Smith and Patricia A. Smith
Patricia Sturman
Bob and Kit Taylor
Bruce and Dawn Tecklenburg
Carolyn and Tim Tenney
Brian C. Tipple
Gary and Amanda Tucci
Allison Watson and Jon Barwick

James D. Andrews
Bob and Clodagh Ash
Ed and Linda Averett
Dr. Lori Bartels and Mr. Edward J. Menard
Robert M. Beil
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Boal
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Boeckh
Jay and Leigh Bottemiller
John Bray
Lynne and Mike Bush
Roger and Verlynne Callihan
Richard Cavaliere
Dr. and Mrs. Martin A. “Mac” Cheever
Ms. Sharon E. Coleman
Jeffrey and Andrea Cordova
Katy Cox
Lyla Cravero
Diane Hauge Daggatt
Gerald Daily and Janet E. Freeman-Daily
Mr. and Mrs. Krijn De Jonge
Lynn and Hoby Douglass
Jamie Douglass
Keith and Rita Douglass
Kimberly Douglass
Kristi and Kenny Drake
Gayle and Charles Ede
Jerry E. and Julianne C. Elkington
Scott and Christine Ely
Norris and Alice Faringer
Elmer Flowers
Sheree and Jerry Friedman
Roger and Cheryl Gelder
Tracey and Scott Gerber
Warren and Inge Geri
Carrie Gerner
Mr. and Mrs. Burke F. Gibson

Dr. Kenneth E. Gibson
Jeffrey and Kristen Green
Cheryl and Carl Greenfield
Dr. Ted Greenlee and Sandra Greenlee
Shelly Griggs
Dr. Charles E. Hamilton, Jr.
Maureen Hamilton
John Martin Hanson and Sharon Ann Hanson
William Howard
Mr. Niles J. Hushka
Akira and Jena Itami
Christine Johnson
Larson Juhl
Christopher Kemp and Carla Grandori
Mrs. Wilma M. Laity
Paul and Johanna Lampe
Sheryl and Michael Landry
Dave Larson
Lillian Leggett
Jerrold Liebermann and Linda J. Harris
Pamela Madigan
Brenda Majercin and Joanna Glickler
Helen and David Mandley
Ray and Kathy Mann
Mr. John B. Mar
Sharon Martin
McDowell Family
Jack and Linda Menashe
Lawrence and Bernice Meurk
Kimberly Miller
Geoffrey and Yvonne Monk
John and Heather Morrow
Jennifer Mount
Kim and Susan Murphy
Dr. Tomas and Julie Mustelin
Dr. Peter S. Nelson and Molly Rothwell

Robert and Claudia Nelson
Dr. Marian L. Neuhouser, Ph.D.
Michael and Pamela O’Donnell
Tim O’Keefe
Sheila and Mel O’Neal
Colonel Clyde W. Owen
Lisa and Todd Owens
Marc L. Paulsen
Mr. and Mrs. Randal L. Peterson
Dean and Kimberly Pettit
Mark and Michelle Potvin
Tracy Sullivan Prock and Eric Prock
Heidi and John Rabel
Kay and Bert Ruttman
Tom and Jeannine Ryan
Alice and Randall Schroder
Alan and Susan Schulkin
Monty Sheldon
Brad and Lynne Smith
Jim and Marta Specht
Alan Stephens
Kathleen Stetson
Charles Suess
Douglas E. Sutter
Gregory and Marilyn Tompkins
Matthew Trunnell
Jerry Ulmer
Sheri L. Ward
Doug and Christine Watson
Brian and Amy Wells
Charles and Linda Williams
Barry and Barbara Winstead
Mr. Richard S. Zahniser
Jason and Margorie Zander
David Zapolsky and Lynn Hubbard

Member roster is up to date as of Nov. 5, 2018.

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