Fundraise for Fred Hutch

Start Your Own Fred Hutch Fundraiser Today!

Connect your friends and family to Fred Hutch’s lifesaving research and encourage them to donate to the Hutch in honor of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion, cancer milestone or athletic achievement. Each fundraising page makes it easy for your friends and family to donate online. Plus, you can customize your page and share why you support our work

Floating memorial candles


Make a lasting tribute to a loved one by raising funds for research in his or her memory.

Newlyweds on a ferry

Encourage your friends and family to celebrate your wedding or special occasion with a gift to lifesaving research.

Birthday cake


Instead of receiving gifts, ask your friends and family to honor your birthday by donating to Fred Hutch.

A cancer survivor and supporter

Cancer Milestone

Is it your cancerversary? Did you find a bone marrow match or just finish treatment? Celebrate your cancer milestone by activating your support group to raise funds in your honor. 

A group of runners

Test your endurance by running a marathon, swimming, racing, hosting a golf tournament or holding a yoga challenge to help accelerate the pace of cancer research. 

Colorful hanging artwork

Get Creative

Have your own idea? We encourage outside-the-box thinking. From bake sales to head shavings to car washes — let your imagination be your guide for a worthy cause. 

Every dollar counts. Every gift matters.

Why Support Fred Hutch?

Our mantra at Fred Hutch is cures start here. From our pioneering work on bone marrow transplantation for once-incurable blood cancers to research that paved the way for the cancer-preventing HPV vaccine, we are driving unprecedented advances that are bringing hope and healing to patients and their loved ones. And it’s why we believe we can develop curative therapies for most, if not all, cancers by 2025. But we need your support to get us there. Please join us as we push toward a cancer-free future by fundraising for Fred Hutch today.

Last Modified, July 08, 2019