Fred Hutch, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and UW Medicine Complete Restructure of Partnership

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Harness the power of your community to save lives and make breakthrough discoveries. Content creators, gamers, and culture makers are invited to join the fight for fearless science. Your support allows Hutch scientists to move faster, pursue new ideas and make breakthrough discoveries.

When you stream for Fred Hutch, you and your community honor those who have faced cancer and infectious disease and raise critical funds our researchers need to improve disease prevention, treatment, and care.

Help Us Achieve Our Mission:

Eliminate cancer and related diseases through prevention and curative treatments that are accessible to all patients

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You doing what you do, helps us do what we do — push boundaries.

100% of your donations go to lifesaving research. See how your community's donations can directly support Fred Hutch:



Supplies almost 200 test tubes used by researchers pursuing the next big breakthrough.



Equips one classroom of students with tools to explore DNA science, inspiring future cancer resarchers.



Enables researchers to see which genes are switched on in cancer, helping them discover those that cause or protect against disease.



Purchases tumor cells a researcher can use to test new chemotherapies.

Photo of Avori

The day they say we found a cure or a better treatment plan — my goal is to be a part of that amazing news.

- Avori

PUBG streamer, gamer, model and Fred Hutch supporter

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Create a campaign to start fundraising for Fred Hutch with Tiltify. Tiltify is the first crowdfunding platform created specifically to turn Twitch or YouTube streams into charity fundraisers. Create rewards, add incentives, use on-screen donation alerts and more.

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Host a Fred Hutch Researcher

Our resident scientific content strategist, Dr. Amitabha "Guppy" Gupta, and many of our other researchers can answer your viewers’ questions while you play

Ready to Kick off your Fundraiser?

Let us cheer you on! Our resident streaming coordinator, Jackie M., can help you with your charity stream and answer any questions you may have.

Discord: JackieFredHutch#8104
Twitter: @JMontstream    

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Q&A: How your blood could help a cancer patient Donated blood is in short supply. That’s a problem for many people with cancer. June 16, 2022
Researchers advance development of potential Epstein-Barr virus vaccines Stakes raised as common virus linked to more diseases June 14, 2022
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