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We are rising to this moment the way we have always approached challenges: with fearless science, open collaboration, and unshakeable focus.
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COVID-19 Research at Fred Hutch

We’ve been studying viruses for as long as we’ve been studying cancer — because cancer and our bodies’ defenses against infection are closely linked. When the novel coronavirus began to spread in China, our scientists responded immediately. When it reached the U.S., we were ready to take the lead — tracking the spread of the virus; protecting patients; expanding testing capacity; and advising local, national, and global policymakers on how and where the virus is spreading and how to flatten the curve.

Now we’re studying people with COVID-19, and those at high risk, to investigate how the immune system responds to the virus and pinpoint antibodies that target it. We’re creating a clinic to conduct therapy trials and learn about long-term effects for patients. And we’re partnering with other cancer centers to explore the impact of the virus on cancer patients. From data science to virology, we’ve activated our broad expertise to halt the spread of COVID-19, find treatments, and develop vaccines.

Fueling the Leading Edge of COVID-19 Research

To end this pandemic, and prevent future ones, we need to address it from multiple angles. Our expertise — in everything from basic science to vaccine development — is uniquely suited to this once-in-a-generation challenge.

Dr. Trevor Bedford
Dr. Trevor Bedford is tracking changes in the virus’s genetic code as it moves from person to person using Nextstrain, a tool he developed with peers at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Nextstrain shows how the virus is spreading geographically and, in the absence of widespread testing, has been instrumental in understanding how many people have COVID-19.

Our priorities include:

  • Developing and evaluating rapid testing and point-of-care tests to increase availability and speed results.
  • Discovering antibodies in people infected with the coronavirus to inform new therapeutics and vaccines.
  • Creating a one-of-a-kind outpatient clinic for patients with COVID-19 to conduct drug trials and other clinical research.
  • Developing vaccines that will provide lifetime protection no matter how many times the virus mutates.
  • Decoding how coronaviruses evolve so we can empower our immune systems to defend against them.
  • Understanding how to safely turn down the dial on physical distancing so people and businesses can ramp up activities.

We’re raising $10 million to support COVID-19 research, and we need your partnership.

Charitable support from people like you allows us to move faster and explore the newest, most daring ideas. By fostering innovation early in the research process, you make it possible for us to build the evidence we need to secure government funding, foundation grants, and industry partnerships — and to turn promising ideas into proven solutions that will halt the pandemic and save lives worldwide.

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Why Does Fred Hutch Study Viruses?

Our pioneering work in bone marrow transplantation revealed the urgent need to protect transplant patients from deadly infections, which launched our quest to gain an in-depth understanding of the immune system.

Today, we’re known for our expertise in virology and infectious disease. We are working in the laboratory, the clinic, and the cloud to find better ways to detect, prevent, and treat viruses and other infections to protect patients and communities. Working across disciplines, we are studying how HIV and other viruses evolve, learning how pathogens cause cancers, and developing and advancing treatments that harness patients’ own immune systems to fight disease. We track epidemics to guide public health officials’ strategies to contain outbreaks of diseases like Zika, Ebola, and now COVID-19. And we’re on the leading edge of developing vaccines to prevent HIV, with active research projects in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, and more than 40 other countries. 

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HVTN employee working in the lab

Infectious Disease Research at the Hutch

Our infectious disease researchers study the epidemiology of infectious diseases, investigate emerging infectious diseases, develop novel diagnostics, and conduct clinical trials on potential new treatments.

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Dr. Elizabeth Halloran

COVID-19 Research

Fred Hutch researchers are working together to stop this pandemic and prevent the next one — people like Dr. Elizabeth Halloran, a global leader in using statistics and dynamic models to understand infectious disease outbreaks and to evaluate vaccines and vaccination strategies.  

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Last Modified, June 02, 2020