Membership Roster

President's Circle

Membership Roster

Reflecting gifts received July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018.

Champion - $100,000+

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
     for Childhood Cancer
American Association for Cancer Research
The Anderson Foundation*
Anduin Foundation
Aven Foundation
Sergio G. Barron
Carl and Renée Behnke*
David and Joanna Beitel*
Bezos family
Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos
Claire Bigbie
Cathy Boshaw and Doug Edlund*
Erik and Berit Breivik*
The Burkland Family
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Ward and Judy Bushnell
Crabby Beach Foundation
Roger and Gloria Crouch*
Holly and Eric Dillon*
Fritzky Family*
The George & Fay Young Foundation
Gerdin Family Foundation
Ms. Lynda M. Gilman
Patricia and David Giuliani*
Susanne and Scott Guthrie
The Hartwell Foundation
Steven and Jorja Henikoff
The Hope Foundation
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Hyundai Hope on Wheels
J. Orin Edson Foundation
The John C. and Karyl Kay Hughes Foundation*
David Jones and Maryanne Tagney*
Kismet Charitable Fund*
Miklos Kohary and Natalia Zimonyi Kohary
Mike and Debbie Koss*
Laura A. Landro and Richard E. Salomon
Genevieve Lofgren+
Mark and Nikki Mahan*
Marion & John E. Anderson Foundation

Doug and Ruth McKnight
George and Regina Morris
Judith Mullikin
Multiple Myeloma Cure Seekers Society
Nadella Family
Peter and Sheryl Neupert
Carol-Ann O'Mack
Carol-Ann O'Mack and John Deininger*
Ned and Susan Palmer
The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
James and Sherry Raisbeck
Paula and Stephen Reynolds
Richard C. Goldstein Private Foundation
Rita Allen Foundation
The Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and
     Helen C. Kleberg Foundation
Brian and Ann Roberts
The Rona Jaffe Foundation
Sarah M. Hughes Foundation
The Seattle Foundation
Bill and Marlene Semple*
Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research
Jim and Jan Sinegal*
Singh Family Foundation
Ben Slivka and Lisa Wissner-Slivka
Sloan Foundation
Barbara Stephanus
Strong 4 Sam
Carol J. Swarts
Kazuko Tanigawa
Unravel Pediatric Cancer
The V Foundation for Cancer Research
The Vadon Foundation
Dr. Lawrence and Kimberely Votta
W. M. Keck Foundation
Bruce and Peggy Wanta
Washington Research Foundation
The Wissner-Slivka Foundation
John and Nancy Zevenbergen
Zilber Family Foundation
Janet Zinn*

Accelerator - $50,000+

Ric and Kaylene Anderson*
Angel Wings Foundation
Yvonne M. Betson Trust -
Jeff and Ethel Maxwell*
Chris Capossela and Leigh Toner
Mike and Corry Clayville
Jane and David Cottrell
Edward P. Evans Foundation
Dan Evans and Sharon Bergman
Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research
Dr. Gary Gilliland
Steve and Bridgit Griessel
Carol and Wayne Gullstad
Shelley M. Hovind
Mattie Iverson and Matt Schoenholz
Jacob Green Charity Golf Classic
Mike and Diane Johansson*
José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation
The Kaphan Foundation
Rich and Karmann Kaplan
Nina Kjellson and Sandy Zweifach
Norma and Leonard Klorfine

David and Deborah Lycette
The Margie Suskin Charitable Trust
Norman and Suzanne Metcalfe
Mo-dazz for the Arts
Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman
National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
National Comprehensive Cancer Network
Robert Nelsen and Ellyn Hennecke*
Michael and Esther Ochsman
Phi Beta Psi Sorority
Peter J. and Julie A. Rose
Milton B. Rubin*
Satya and Rao Remala Foundation*
Jim and Bet Schuler*
Gerry Smith and Vicki Halper
Linda and Walter Suby
Kathy Surace-Smith and Brad Smith
Texas 4000 for Cancer
The Thompson Family Foundation, Inc.
Luke D. Timmerman and Tracy B. Cutchlow
The Vedders
Ann P. Wyckoff

Investor - $25,000+

Dr. Frederick and Dita Appelbaum*
John W. Attridge, BVM
Bayley Family Foundation*
Mark and Stephanie Berggren
Drs. Ilene and Irwin Bernstein
Debbie and Jim Bevier
William A. Bock
Mike Booth and Susan Perry-Booth
Shari Burns*
Gary and Catherine Bylund*
Darrell and Siobhan Cavens
Barbara Cosgrove and Frank Yandrasits
Steve and Carla Creasey
Jane and Robert Cremin
David Cutler Foundation
Dr. Nancy E. Davidson and Dr. Thomas W. Kensler
Mark D. Davis
Pamela and Doctor
Karl Ege*
Norris and Alice Faringer
Mark and Kristin Fleischauer
The Geiger Family Foundation*
Donald Guthrie and Candace Tkachuck*
Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation
Bob and Pat Herbold*
Mike and Judi Hickey*
Pete and Leslie Magid Higgins*
Lisa Marie Johnson
The Judith A. Lese Breast Cancer Foundation
Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation
Harvey and Robin Kanter
Kate Shea Foundation
Kathryn Butler Memorial Foundation
Philip I. Kent
Kratter Family Educational and Charitable Fund
Mrs. Frederick Kullman
Loeb Family Foundation

Gil and Berit Lund
The Maeve Foundation
Rider and Victoria McDowell Charitable Trust
Matt and Carol McIlwain
Karen Moyer*
John and Billie O'Mack
Sinikka and Babak Parviz
Paul Bao-Ho and Mei-Yea Liao Charitable Foundation
Harry Jonathan Pearce*
Warren M. Petersen and Eleanor M. Petersen
Dean and Josephine Petterson
Jacquie and Norman Ream
Richard and Bonnie Cavell Charitable Foundation
Jim Roberts and Pam Becker*
Robinett Family
Judy and Kermit Rosen
John and Nancy Rudolf
Maher and Elena Saba
Mark and Brenda Simons
Mary Snapp and Spencer Frazer
The John and Louise Steegstra Memorial Fund
Howard and Cynthia Steinberg
The Sujal and Meera Patel Foundation
Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation
Paul and Emily Thelen
The Thrasher Koffey Foundation
Bonnie and Jim Towne*
Douglas and Janet True
UMC Charitable Foundation
Uncle Kory Foundation
WAID International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
Shirley Ward
Elizabeth Wayner
The Wilkerson Family
Joan and Craig Wrench

Partner - $10,000+

Minaz and Shelmina Abji
Francine Horn Abrams
Darren and Jamie Alger
Gene and Agnus Alger
Thad Alston and Karen Glover
Chap and Eve Alvord
Richard H. Anderson
Stephen and Rita Anderson
Mrs. Alison S. Andrews
Ron and Kimberly Andronaco
Mr. Ronald R. Bailey
Joe and Karyn Barer
Bill and Sara Barrett
Michelle Barry and Fred Hoyt
Ron and Joan Bayley
Dr. Pam Becker and Dr. Marc Stewart
Paul Beighle and Jane McCormmach
Mitchell and Ashley Belcher
Nat and Gail Bender
Linda J. Berkman
Michelle Berrey and Richard Smith
Merrily and Doug Betzold
Mr. Steven M. Birnbaum
Allison A. Blair
Frank and Charlene Blethen
John R. and Paula Blood Family Trust
Phillip and Karla Boshaw
Elisabeth Bottler*
Ryan Broms and Merrill W. Behnke
Steve and Jenny Brooks
George and Barbara Brown
Mr. Aaron Bueler and Ms. Carolyn True
The Burton Foundation
Richard and Melinda Bus
Jerry and Deb Bush
Brett Campbell
Linda J. Campbell
Phyllis and William Campbell
Ruth Cannon
Carlson Family Foundation*
Cory Carlson and Rhoda Altom
Dr. David Carrell and Dr. Garnet Anderson
Alan J. Chaffee and Mary Kathryn Raschko
Ann Chamberlin
Steven and Michelle Chattin
Dr. Bruce Clurman and Deb Gumbardo
Colleen's Dream Foundation
Sorelle and Brian Cook
Dr. Jonathan Cooper and Diane Doles
Michael and Liz Copley
Megan M. Cosgrove
Quinn M. Cosgrove
Dr. Jennie R. Crews and Phil Crews
Michael and Judith Crutcher
D'Amato Family Philanthropic Fund
Kurt and Leslie Dammeier
Dr. H. Joachim Deeg and
     Mrs. Francoise Deeg-Le Gal
Defeat Multiple Myeloma
Michael and Sonya DeLance
Kurt and Suzan DelBene
Angeline Dick*
Eric and Tracy Dobmeier
Carey and John Dondero
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Douglass
The Dr. Maxwell Hurston Family Foundation
James C. Dudley
Echo Bay Foundation
Jim and Lori Elliott
John and Christine Enslein
Justin and Alexis Erickson
Hugh L. Fagan III and Aimee Fagan
Limei Fan and Jay Na
Scott and Amy Finholm
Jerry Flynt and Sharon LaPeter
Fortune Family Foundation*
The Foster Foundation
Mr. Robert Frey
Dr. V.K. Gadi and Dr. Emily Darby
Thomas and Leanne Gallagher
Dr. Denise Galloway
Hope R. Garrett
Mahmood Ghassemi
Aaron and Betty Gilman Family
Mr. Richard F. Glass
Charles Goggio, Jr.
Douglas and Andrea Gordon
Sam and Diana Grotte
Mark Groudine and Cynthia Putnam*
Nancy Gudmundson
George and Linda Guillot
Jeff and Julie Guillot
H.D. Fowler Family
Michael Hackett
Erik and Susan Hansen*
John and Suzanne Hansen
John J. and Katherine A. Harnish
Scott Harvey and Katherine Dewey
Jeffrey and Candace Havens
Rosemarie Havranek and Nathan Myhrvold
Jeffrey and Shelly Heier
Jean-Francois and Catherine Heitz
Mr. Douglas M. Henrikson
Heydon Family Trust
Iva and Lawrence Hirsch
Dr. Eric C. Holland
Frank and Lisa Holland
Peter and Peggy Horvitz*
Janet Hubbard
Norm and Carla Hubbard
Ross and Emily Hubbard
Bob and Carolyn Huffman
The Hutchinson Family*
Nea Lynn Ireland
Anne Irwin
Michael Jacejko
Michael and Rachel Jackson
The Jean E. Thomson Foundation*
Craig M. Johnson and Shawn L. Underwood
Stanley W. Johnston
Anna and Tyler Jones
Jon and Gretchen Jones
Kristi and Tim Jones
Scott and Kris Jones
Keith & Mary Kay McCaw Family Foundation
Min-Hwa Cheng Kennard
Patrick Kennedy and Melissa Ries
Steven S. Kessel and Sibyl Frankenburg

Keyes Foundation*
The Klingman Foundation
Reginald S. and Ann R. Koehler*
Lynne Kornblatt and Cathrael Kazin
Courtney Koster
Michael and Sharon Kramer
CAPT M. Thomas & Mrs. Gwenann Kroon
Sandra L. La Haye*
Michael and Lana Langhauser
Sylvia Lee and Glenn Kelman
Shari and Rory Leid
Dan and Stacey Levitan
Bill Lewis
Frank and Marianne Liebermann
Clark and Lori Lindsay
Steven Liu and Dione Knowles
Susan and Bert Loosmore
Brent and Kathy Lower
Todd and Jessica Madison
David and Nathan Mandelbaum Family*
The Marco J. Heidner Foundation
The Mary See Foundation*
Mattaini Family Foundation
Brian and Leasa Mayer
John and Laura McCloskey
Joseph McCune and Karen Smith-McCune
Bill and Nicole McNichols
Ms. and Representative Margaret A. Meister
Mrs. Charlotte H. Merritt
The Michael Miyauchi Foundation
Laurie Miyauchi
Mr. Arne R. Moen
Holly K. Monek-Anderson
Dr. Elahe Mostaghel
Mitch and Wendy Mounger
Bud Mount
Shan+ and Lee Mullin*
The Munson Family Foundation
Rick and Judy Myers
Alicia E. Nevarez
Jonathan and Shirley Ng
Amanda and Christopher Nichols
Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom
North Mason Cancer Crusaders
Fred Northup, Jr. and Ashley Northup
Lee and Deborah Oatey
Kelly M. O'Brien and Robert J. Binney
Casey and Linnea Oiness
Jim and Sally Olson
Jesse and Jennifer Ottele
The Paul M. Anderson Foundation
Pete and Wilma Olsen Foundation*
Tom and Kate Peters
Pete's Triple Play
Kent and Laurie Pfeifer
The John and Louise Piacentini Family*
Chris and Brenda Pick
Dean and Gwenn Polik and
     The Estate of Valerie Polack*
Dean A. Pollack and Lizabeth A. Wilson
Michael and Wendy Popke
Mrs. Bess V. Porterfield
Kelly and Christina Price
Tim and Kathy Proctor
James V. Ramsdell, Jr.
Bob and Lisa Ratliffe
Jamie and Michael Rawding
Patrick Reddy
Andrew and Christine Reinland
Stanley and Lori Riddell
Lynn Ries
Michael and Maureen Rimkus
Harlan and Christina Robins
Drs. Niki and Bryce Robinson
Mr. Tom Robinson and Ms. Carla Murray
Michael B. and Mrs. Bridget Rodden
Bill and Judy Rutherford
Peter and Lis Saladino
Matthew Sauri and Katie O'Farrell
Chuck and Carol Schaefer
Jeffrey and Jacqueline Schaffer
Georgeann Schellenger
Mary Ann Schroeter
Darren and Heather Schwartz
Kabir and Noreen Shahani
Sid and Teresa Shenai
The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation
Allen and Kathleen Shoup
Craig Shrontz and Lynn Ristig
The Sidney, Milton and Leoma Simon Foundation
Scott and Kimberly Skorupa
William and Rebecca Smead
Doug Smith and Mary Templeman-Smith
Jason and Maura Smith
William and Alee Spencer
Tom and Diane St. John*
Steve and Sally Stadum
David and Arlene Starr
Charlene Steinhauer*
Travis and Jessica Stewart
John and Sherry Stilin
Dr. Barry L. and Amy B. Stoddard
Dr. Rainer Storb and Dr. Beverly Torok-Storb
Carla and John Stratfold
Ambassador Cynthia Stroum*
Cynthia Stroum and The Stroum Family Foundation
Art and Lori Sullivan
Suzanne Nora Johnson and
     David G. Johnson Foundation
Jim and Paula Thomas
Brad and Danielle Tilden
Tom and Margo Van Halm*
Peter and Shannon van Oppen
Van Sloun Foundation*
Nancy Greenwood Vehrs and Jeff Vehrs
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Veitengruber
Jean Baur Viereck
Drs. Edus and Linda Warren
Estate of Nellie M. Wedler
Weinstein Family Foundation
Nancy Weintraub
Greg and Michelle Whitten
Chuck and Kris Wilk
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Winslow
Woldenberg Foundation
The Yeck Family
Tommy H. Yotsuuye
Melinda Yount

President’s Circle includes 18 anonymous donors.