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World-Class Cancer Care

About 100 Fred Hutch cancer researchers also provide clinical care to patients through Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. SCCA brings together leading experts and cancer specialists from Fred Hutch, UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s, and it is consistently rated as one of the top 10 adult cancer care hospitals in the nation. SCCA treats more than 7,000 people each year — including patients who come from across the country and around the world to seek the most advanced treatments available.

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Our Clinicians by Specialty

Bone Marrow Transplantation – Adult


Dr. Fred Appelbaum

Dr. Merav Bar

Dr. Antonio Bedalov

Dr. Melinda Biernacki

Dr. Aude Chapuis

Dr. David Coffey

Dr. Joachim Deeg

Dr. Kris Doney

Dr. Dan Egan

Dr. Mary Flowers

Dr. George Georges

Dr. Damian Green

Dr. Geoff Hill

Dr. Leona Holmberg

Dr. Hans-Peter Kiem

Dr. Elizabeth Krakow

Dr. Stephanie Lee

Dr. Michael Linenberger

Dr. David Maloney

Dr. Paul Martin

Dr. Marco Mielcarek

Dr. Filippo Milano

Dr. Johnnie Orozco

Dr. Effie Petersdorf

Dr. Jerald Radich

Dr. Rachel Salit

Dr. Brenda Sandmaier

Dr. Bart Scott

Dr. Mazyar Shadman

Dr. Mohamed Sorror

Dr. Mazyar Shadman

Dr. Mohamed Sorror

Dr. Emily Stevens

Dr. Marc Stewart

Dr. Emily Stevens

Dr. Marc Stewart

Dr. Derek Stirewalt

Dr. Rainer Storb

Dr. Brian Till

Dr. Sherilyn Tuazon

Dr. Cameron Turtle

Dr. Masumi Ueda

Dr. Phuong Vo

Dr. Roland Walter

Dr. Edus Warren

Bone Marrow Transplantation – Pediatric


Dr. Scott Baker

Dr. Marie Bleakley

Dr. Lauri Burroughs

Dr. Paul Carpenter

Dr. Ann Dahlberg

Dr. Polina Frolov

Dr. Brandon Hadland

Dr. Allison Kaeding

Dr. Kanwaldeep Mallhi

Dr. Soheil Meshinchi

Dr. Corinne Summers

Dr. Monica Thakar

Breast Cancer


Dr. Kevin Cheung

Dr. William Grady



Dr. Neelendu Dey

Dr. Nancy Davidson

Dr. David Hockenbery

Dr. Rachel Issaka



Dr. Colin Godwin

Fax: 206.667.6519

Dr. Michael Linenberger

Dr. Vivian Oehler

Dr. Lev Silberstein

Dr. Thomas Uldrick

Dr. Roland Walter

Dr. Joshua Veatch



Dr. Kelly Paulson

Infectious Diseases


Dr. Michael Boeckh

Dr. Jim Boonyaratanakornkit

Dr. Larry Corey

Dr. Elizabeth Duke

Dr. David Fredricks

Dr. Adam Geballe

Dr. Josh Hill

Dr. Catherine Liu

Dr. Julie McElrath

Dr. Manoj Menon

Dr. Steve Pergam

Dr. Warren Phipps

Dr. Josh Schiffer

Dr. Jeff Schouten

Internal Medicine


Dr. Scott Ramsey

Lung Cancer & Pulmonology


Dr. Guang-Shing Cheng

Dr. McGarry Houghton

Dr. David Madtes

Dr. Matthew Triplette



Dr. Teresa Hyun

Dr. Keith Loeb

Dr. David Myerson

Dr. Cecilia Yeung

Prostate Cancer


Dr. Andrew Hsieh

Dr. John Lee

Dr. Peter Nelson



Dr. Karen Syrjala



Dr. Elizabeth Loggers

Dr. Seth Pollack

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