Cancer Moonshot Colorectal Cancer Forum

On March 10, 2023 the White House Cancer Moonshot Colorectal Cancer Forum convened to discuss progress and opportunities related to colorectal cancer screening, prevention, and treatment.

The White House | March 10, 2023

Dr. Rachel Issaka receives the Kathryn Surace-Smith Endowed Chair in Health Equity Research

Flexible funding will further physician-scientist’s work in colorectal cancer and health inequities
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Colon cancer screening can save lives. There are several types of screening options, but any screening is better than none.
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Study ID’s major roadblocks to follow-up colon-cancer care
Lack of both transportation and interpreters can stall a clinic visit after an at-home test raises a red flag.
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Racial disparities in endoscopy wait-time and stage at diagnosis
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