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Institute for Prostate Cancer Research (IPCR) Symposium

Each year, the IPCR brings together experts in multiple field to discuss the latest breakthrough in the prevention, detection and treatment of prostate cancer. This day-long event is filled with scientific insights and projections, discussions on technology and patient care, reviews of the latest scientific innovations and landmark research projects changing how scientists view this disease.

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IPCR Symposium 2021

Join us for this complimentary and unique chance to hear the latest advances in prostate cancer research from those behind the progress. You will leave with an insider's perspective on the development of new answers for those affected by the disease.

Previous Events

Learn more about past IPCR events, including symposium videos and survivor event highlights.

2019 IPCR Symposium


The IPCR Symposium on May 11, 2019, featured the latest research discoveries in the field of prostate cancer. Also, this year included a hands- on lab tour.  Read an article about the event here, and view the symposium presentations.

Welcome | Dr. Peter Nelson

Prostate Cancer: Disparity, Risk and Quality of Life

Diet and Prostate Cancer | Dr. Marian Neuhouser

Nutritional Supplements: Evidence and Science | Dr. Jeannette Schenk

Prostate Cancer Disparities | Dr. Yaw Nyame

Treatment Side-Effects: The Patients' Perspective | Dr. John Gore

Q and A

Prostate Cancer Prevention | Dr. Dan Lin

Immunotherapy: State of the Field | Dr. John Lee

Genetics: the GENTLEMEN Study | Dr. Heather Cheng

Advances in Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer

Imaging: State of the Field | Dr. Evan Yu

Precision Treatment | Dr. Bruce Montgomery

Closing | Dr. Peter Nelson

2018 IPCR Symposium


Welcome Video

Dr. Peter Nelson

Session 1: Prostate Cancer: Disparity, Risk & Quality of Life

Racial disparities in prostate cancer – time to make a difference, Dr. Ruth Etzioni
Inherited Risk: GENTleMEN, Dr. Heather Cheng
Diet and Prostate Cancer, Dr. Marian Neuhouser
Exercise Interventions and Prostate Cancer, Dr. Jonathan Wright
Enhancing Quality of Life, Dr. Niels Johnsen
Prostate Cancer: Disparity, Risk and Quality of Life Q & A

Session 2: New Imaging Biomarkers and Treatment Implications

The New Pathology (Light Sheet). Dr. Larry True & Dr. Nick Reder
PET Imaging: A Window Into New Treatment Opportunities, Dr. Manuela Matesan
Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer – Current Data/Ongoing Studies, Dr. Dan Lin
Targeted Radiation Therapy: Local Recurrence/Distant Metastasis, Dr. Jing Zeng
New Imaging Biomarkers and Treatment Implications Q & A

Session 3: Advances in Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer

Improving Survival with Combination Therapy, Dr. Michael Schweizer
Immunotherapy: State of the Field + CART, Dr. John Lee
Prostate Cancer Tumor Board (2 cases), Dr. Bruce Montgomery & Dr. Evan Yu
Advances in Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer Q & A

Closing Video

Dr. Peter Nelson

Survivors’ Celebration Breakfast


Our thanks to the generous supporters who helped raise $2.1 million (and still counting) in the fight against prostate cancer!