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Volunteering for a Study Can Make a Difference

The ability to safely deliver therapies to people with COVID-19 early in their disease course is critical to limiting spread, reducing hospitalizations and death, and reopening our society. The Fred Hutch COVID-19 Clinical Research Center will offer an opportunity for adults that have recently contracted COVID-19 and are interested in investigational treatments and interventions, that can be safely given and evaluated, to participate in studies in an alternative setting from a hospital or traditional medical facility.

The CCRC is a secure setting designed with air flow and filtration systems that prioritizes participant and staff safety. The CCRC studies are inclusive of adult participants of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds to help researchers understand the best treatment medicines and methods across diverse populations.

Interested in participating in a study?

Who Can Participate

Adults 18+ years of age that:

  • have recently tested positive for COVID-19 infection
  • have the symptoms common of COVID-19 infection
  • are at home (not in the hospital) and have not been previously hospitalized for COVID-19 infection

We Invite Participation

Of people that:

  • are over the age of 60
  • have underlying medical conditions
  • live in elder-care facilities or other group settings
  • are from racial and ethnic groups that have been impacted in greater numbers by the pandemic, such as Black/African Americans, Latinx, American Indigenous Peoples, and Alaska Natives

And any other adults with a recent positive COVID-19 test result.

What you should know when considering participation in a study. 

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Identifying a Study — Clinical trials, also called clinical studies, are research studies that help doctors and scientists learn more about a disease or health problem. When you initially connect with the CCRC enrollment team, the team member will provide you with a brief overview of our facility and studies. You may be asked personal questions to determine which of the studies at the CCRC would be a good fit.

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Making an Informed Decision — Once the initial eligibility for a study that best suits you is determined, you will be connected directly to the study team that will then go over the full details of their study, including information on the drug being tested and the details of the study and all of the possible known benefits, risks, & alternatives, in a process known as informed consent. The study team will also assist with any questions you may have, so that you can make a fully informed decision before joining the study.

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Medical Assessment — If you decide to join, the study team will further determine whether you meet the full eligibility criteria. Most of the studies at the CCRC will do this by having you come to the CCRC to detail medical history, have a physical exam that sometimes includes a blood sample to be drawn for lab tests, and have a nasal swab test performed to confirm SARS-CoV-2 infection.

What you should expect during my participation in a study.

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Participant Privacy — Fred Hutch is diligent about upholding the internationally recognized codes of ethics and applicable laws & regulations, to ensure the protection and confidentiality of all study participants. The CCRC and its Study Teams will not share participant’s private health information or citizenship information at any point, Social Security information is not needed, and Health Insurance is not needed nor charged.

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Participant & Staff Safety — The CCRC has been designed to have both COVID-positive participants and those that are healthy or have fully recovered from COVID-19 infection, while protecting everyone from transmission. The facility’s air circulation equipment includes dedicated air handling & circulation with HEPA filters for each enclosed room, all exceeding the standards seen in medical facilities. We have ensured that extensive cleaning and disinfecting protocols are followed, and that staff and participants are utilizing the appropriate personal protective equipment.

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Participation & Treatment — For many of the studies participants will be required to come to the CCRC to receive the study medicine or placebo and for follow-up visits. The study team will explain how the medication will be administered and the schedule for each visit. You may be receiving the study medication or a placebo for researchers to compare the study medication to and will not know which you are receiving until the end of the study.

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Transportation to the Clinic & Home Visits — We recognize that getting to the CCRC in South Lake Union area may not be easily accomplished when you are feeling ill. We do have private and safe transportation to the CCRC available, that is of no cost to the participant and is covered by the study’s sponsor, that can be arranged prior to the first enrollment visit.  Additionally, to reduce transportation needs for participants, many of our study teams are also able to come to your place of living for the follow-up visits. 

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Tracking Your Progress — During a study’s evaluation timeframe the study team will frequently contact you for regular check-ins to track your symptoms, how you are feeling, and collect additional medical information. You may also be asked to keep track of how you are feeling with a daily or weekly log.

What happens after participation in a study.

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Final Study Results — When the study’s research is fully completed, all identifying information for participants is removed and the results will be distributed to the study participants and the community.

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Follow Up — The study team may reach out for additional study opportunities, if available. Additionally, if you would like to have your experience in participating in the study shared with other community members you can notify the study team that you would like to be contacted to provide your story or testimonial to the CCRC community outreach team.

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