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Study Participants Share Their Thoughts

Participating in a COVID-19 study takes courage and commitment. Hundreds of people have joined our quest to combat COVID-19 and help us find ways to prevent the spread.

"For me, the recovery seemed to be fast. I would definitely suggest participating in the trial. A chance at a better recovery seems better than sitting and waiting for it to do what it will do.”

— Robert Craven

“Anyone who can participate should, it’s sort of a duty. Everyone [at the CCRC] from start to finish was wonderful.”

— Erin Marie Brennan

“Walked in feeling horrible, everyone was very caring and asked if there was anything I needed constantly. Very informative helpful staff.”

— Nicholas Baker

“Felt very informed, very cared for.”

— Melanie Wade

“[The CCRC Staff] Was very accommodating! Glad to participate!”

— Harvey Kanter

“Very professional, kind and caring. The rides to and from made it very easy even with COVID!”

— N. Rudser

“This was a surprisingly easy process. I would definitely recommend. The staff was friendly very helpful caring and accommodating!!!!”

— Miranda Kelley

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