Megan B. Johnson, MCHS, PA-C

Megan B. Johnson, MCHS, PA-C

Megan B. Johnson, MCHS, PA-C

  • Physician Assistant, Fred Hutch
  • Teaching Associate, University of Washington School of Medicine

“Transplant is like taking a ride on Space Mountain — it’s dark and you aren’t sure when the roller coaster will dip or turn. My job is to sit next to you, prepare you for those sudden twists and help you weather the ride.”

— Megan

How has cancer affected you personally?

I lost my stepfather, my biggest mentor, to pancreatic cancer. That experience made me realize that cancer steals many things from patients and their loved ones, and one of the biggest losses is a sense of control. I’ll never forget that feeling of helplessness that loomed over us. When I work with patients and families now, I seek ways to support and empower them, and one way is through education. Knowledge really is power. I focus on helping people understand what is happening and what they can expect as treatment progresses.

How do you like to work with patients?

My approach to care is holistic and compassionate. At Fred Hutch, you’ll have many specialists on your team, but I see you as the leader of that team. My priority is making sure you understand what’s happening throughout every step of care and treatment. I believe that adjusting my approach and bedside manner to accommodate each individual is key in maintaining open lines of communication and providing quality care. I often give patients this analogy about what’s it like to go through a bone marrow transplantation: Transplant is like taking a ride on Space Mountain — it’s dark and you aren’t sure when the roller coaster will dip or turn. My job is to sit next to you, prepare you for those sudden twists and help you weather the ride.

Provider Background

Malignant and non-malignant blood disorders

I am a board-certified physician assistant who specializes in working with patients who undergo bone marrow transplantation. I provide inpatient and outpatient care for adults with a variety of malignant and non-malignant diseases. My clinical practice spans Fred Hutch and UW Medical Center.

Working in the field of bone marrow transplantation affords me the professional opportunity to learn something new every day. I love the diverse range of medical practice that is involved in taking care of this population of patients. I feel privileged to be there for people when they need it most and to witness daily the power of human resilience, love and compassion.

Diseases Treated



Education, Experience and Certifications

Undergraduate Degree
Boise State University

Medical Degree
University of Washington School of Medicine

Board Certification
Physician Assistant, 2016, National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants

Clinical Trials

We make promising new treatments available to you through studies called clinical trials led by Fred Hutch doctors. Many of these trials at Fred Hutch have led to FDA-approved treatments and have improved standards of care globally. Together, you and your doctor can decide if a study is right for you.

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