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This page has guides and trusted resources which have answers to many of the questions patients often ask. 

If you or your caregiver would like more information or resources, our patient care coordinators can help.

guide to your care- proton therapy

At Fred Hutch, we understand that choosing a cancer treatment can be overwhelming, and we put together this guide tohelp answer any questions you might have. Please read it, keep it as a reference, and feel free to share it with your caregiver, family and friends.


A Guide to Proton Therapy

Proton radiation therapy works well to treat many types of cancers, as well as some noncancerous tumors. Learn more about how proton therapy works for different disease types.

What To Expect if You Need a Mask

Making Your Mask for Proton Therapy

For Children and Teens

What to Expect During Proton Therapy – Coloring Books 

Our child life specialist and other team members made coloring books to help your child know what to expect at Fred Hutch. You can download a printable version based on your child’s needs.

What to Expect During Proton Therapy – A Guide for Teens

This guidebook was made to help your teenager understand what they can expect when getting proton therapy care at Fred Hutch. Our goal is to help teens feel more comfortable with the proton therapy process and encourage them to ask questions. 

Support for Patients

Balancing Mind and Body With Breath

Linda Portnoy, MA, leads this guided visualization each month via Zoom. It is open to all past, current and prospective proton therapy patients and their caregivers. Meditation can be helpful for stress. 

Location: Held virtually via Zoom
Date: Usually meets the third Friday of every month
Time: 3 p.m.

For more information, please email

Prostate Cancer Support Group

Prostate Dinner Club is a monthly support group that is open to past, current and prospective prostate cancer patients and their caregivers who have gotten, or plan to get, proton therapy at our facility. The support group meets virtually on the fourth Wednesday of every month. It usually has a special topic and guest speaker for the first part of the session. Then, you will have time to connect with others or ask questions. A moderator from Cancer Lifeline leads the support group.

Location: Held virtually via Zoom
Date: Fourth Wednesday of every month
Time: 5:30-7:00 p.m.

For more information, please email  

Proton Therapy Social Media Channels

Stay connected by following us on our proton therapy social media channels, where we share patient stories and the latest research by our physician-scientists. Along with our public social media accounts, we have a private Facebook group for patients; to join, please email

We also have a monthly Fred Hutch – Proton Therapy newsletter to keep in touch with our community. Sign up for Proton Therapy Once-a-Month Newsletter.