From Gene Therapy to Genetic Fingerprinting: What Some Kids Will Do on Their Summer Vacation!

Forty local high school students to spend a week in Hutchinson Center laboratories
  • "I learned more in one week than in a year of AP biology."
  • "It is neat to learn about biotech in class, but to come here and do it makes TONS more sense."
  • "I would jump at the chance to do it again."

That's what a few of last year's students had to say about HutchLab, an intensive summer science workshop offered by Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Now in its second year, HutchLab will be offered in two one-week sessions: July 30 to Aug. 4 and Aug. 6 to 11. Each session, to be held at the Center's campus on South Lake Union, will accommodate 20 students from the Puget Sound region.

Students will learn a variety of biomedical research approaches used to explore and understand genetic diseases, from gene therapy to genetic fingerprinting. The theme of this summer's program is genetic diseases of the blood. On the final day of the program, the students will share what they have learned using posters or computer-based presentations.

The aim of HutchLab is to build strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills through various scientific exercises designed to tackle challenging, real-world problems based on themes relevant to everyday life.

"Even if they don't become scientists, doing science helps develop valuable logical, troubleshooting and organizational skills useful in many areas of life," says Dave Masterman, Ph.D., HutchLab teacher-in-residence.

The workshop was created to address the many requests from science students who hope to visit and work on research projects at the Hutchinson Center.

HutchLab participants benefit from a student-teacher ratio of four to one. They work individually and in teams under the supervision of HutchLab staff scientists and also interact with many Center scientists and staff.

What began as a Hutchinson Center-funded pilot project is now supported by a three-year, $750,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health. HutchLab is an offshoot of the Center's Science Education Partnership, an award-winning statewide mentorship program for science teachers established in 1991.

Media please note: Reporters and photographers are welcome to visit HutchLab. To arrange a visit, please contact Kristen Woodward, (206) 667-5095.


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2000 HutchLab Participants

Session I (July 30 to Aug. 4)

(Students will enter these grades in the fall)


Bryan Chen 12th grade Newport High

Tina Lin 12th grade Sammamish High


Suzanne Tay 11th grade Holy Names Academy


Dawn Paulson 11th grade Bethel High


Thomas Deem 12th grade Eastlake High


Victoria Miles 12th grade Juanita High

Mercer Island

Katrina Spaunhurst 11th grade Mercer Island High

Frederique Vallieres 11th grade Mercer Island High


Stefany Brand 12th grade Eastlake High

Nichole Garzia 12th grade Redmond High

Tara Rooney 12th grade Eastlake High

Debbie Soon 11th grade Redmond High


Anne Chin 12th grade Holy Names Academy

Matthew Kuo 11th grade Garfield High

Tess Lang 12th grade Shorecrest High

Sandy Letzing 11th grade Franklin High

Michael Look 12th grade Franklin High

Tam Nguyen 11th grade West Seattle High


Joseph Nelson 11th grade Shorecrest High


Emily Glynn 11th grade Inglemoor High


Session II (Aug. 6 to 11)

(Students will enter these grades in the fall)


Jessica Fairbanks 12th grade Auburn Riverside High


Jakob Perry 11th grade Squalicum High

Federal Way

Brandon Smith 12th grade Decatur High

Katie Tyrell 12th grade Decatur High


Dustin Foster 12th grade Kentwood High

Laura Haynes 12th grade Kentridge High


Kelsey Anderson 11th grade Lake Washington High

Michelle Kay 11th grade Inglemoor High

Alyssa Wu 12th grade Lake Washington High


Emily Hickey 12th grade Bellarmine Prep

Mercer Island

Laura Pollan 11th grade Mercer Island High


Clara Rhieu 12th grade Shorewood High


Abhi Banerjee 12th grade Redmond High

Laura Ditt 11th grade Lake Washington High

Sarah Milroy 12th grade Eastlake High


Tabetha Boruck 12th grade Lindbergh High


Amanda Anderson 12th grade Eastlake High


Yen Duong 11th grade Shorecrest High

Brianne Lum 11th grade Renton High

Jia Yu 12th grade Franklin High