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Statement in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community

photo of the Fred Hutch campus on South Lake Union

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center stands in solidarity and support of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. We condemn all acts of anti-Asian hate, harassment, murder and terror, including the recent shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, which appear to have targeted two Asian-owned businesses and where six of the eight victims were Asian American women.

The spike in violent acts against members of the Asian American Pacific Islander community over the past year reinforces the persistence of racism against all communities of color, scapegoating and terrorizing them for any reason.

We stand firmly against racial oppression in all its forms, including all acts of violence, and we resist the psychosocial violence of denying the reality of racist-motivated crime.

The Hutch calls on our community to support one another; report hate incidents at; offer support and encouragement to one another, especially our colleagues and friends in the Asian American Pacific Islander community; and continue our own learning about anti-Asian hate.

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Last Modified, September 21, 2021