Seattle Times' Pacific NW Magazine profiles Fred Hutch

Seattle Times’ Sunday feature looks at the melding of expertise, drive and technology making new cures possible
Cover of Pacific NW Magazine
The cover story of this Sunday's Pacific NW Magazine delves into the work underway at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to develop cancer cures.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is honored to be featured as the cover story of this week’s Pacific NW Magazine. In “The Hutch closes in on a cancer cure,” writer Ron Judd and photographer Mike Siegel explore why Fred Hutch could be the place where cancer’s final chapter begins — “and in the process, permanently burnish Seattle’s spot on the big, ascent-of-man scientific map.”

Hutch leaders, senior researchers, and early-career scientists interviewed for the story speak to President and Director Dr. Gary Gilliland's bold vision of developing curative therapies for most if not all cancers by 2025 and what it will take to get there. The article highlights the promise of next-generation immunotherapies built on decades of discovery, including the pioneering of bone marrow transplantation as a cure for certain blood cancers. It also points to the breadth and complexity of Fred Hutch's research, its partnerships with tech and data neighbors, and the need for funding to fully capitalize on the latest advances.

Read the story and share your comments on the Seattle Times' website.

And don’t miss "The backstory," Judd’s take on going behind the scenes at Fred Hutch — and meeting the people he calls “the beating hearts of the place.”

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