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Cancer patients share thoughts on awareness, Pinktober

A common sentiment: 'Pink is a color, not a cure. We need research, not ribbons.'
Illustration by FeaturePics.

As another Breast Cancer Awareness Month winds down, we asked patients and others who follow Fred Hutch on social media to tell us what they would like people to be aware of about this high-profile cancer.

What’s behind the question? Each October, pink seems to adorn everything — from cocktails to football players’ cleats. The long-standing awareness campaign has become both unmistakable and inescapable. Some see it as a celebration of strength and survival. Others point to overcommercialization and push to educate people about the realities of breast cancer, particularly metastatic disease.

Below is a sampling of comments shared about this complex and loaded time of year, which we call “Shades of Pinktober.”

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Last Modified, September 21, 2021