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For the past few months, we’ve been researching how we can best serve you, our digital audience – and how that can best align with the work we’re doing to better define Fred Hutch in the non-virtual world.

The results of those months of research and creative exploration are debuting this month:

We conducted a third-party survey, and many of you told us in no uncertain terms that you know – and care about – us as “Fred Hutch.”

We also went looking for what is known in foundational branding initiatives as our “one true thing”: that essence of the organization, what we stand for, the spirit of the place in a common language. One of our staff members stood up in a campus-wide meeting and said, “Cures Start Here.”

The truth of this simple statement reverberates. From the founding of Fred Hutch almost 40 years ago, cures have started here, and we have shared them with the world. Fred Hutch’s Don Thomas won a Nobel Prize for his pioneering work in bone marrow transplantation to treat leukemia and other blood cancers: There have now been more than 1 million transplants around the world. The findings at the Fred Hutch-led Women’s Health Initiative resulted in a change in menopause treatment that means 20,000 fewer women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. The world’s largest HIV vaccine trials network is headquartered here. Immunotherapy research here is blazing the way to cutting-edge treatments that are showing stunning results, with tumors described as “melting away.”

Cures Start Here.

In service of telling these stories, we have built a consistent foundation of common language and design expressions. That’s what you’re seeing come to life on fredhutch.org today.

This isn’t an advertising campaign. It’s an expression of our life-saving research, passion, hope and collaborative spirit that makes Fred Hutch such an important and special place.

The website features you have come to count on are still available. Over the coming months, we will continue to improve and make the site easier to use, easier to search and more compelling to navigate. For the current iteration, we offer a few highlights of how we’re beginning to express ourselves here, in our digital home:

  • Refreshed to reflect our brand colors, font, images and logo.
  • Reorganized key pages to better showcase researchers, science and discoveries.
  • Created flexibility to better showcase our freshest/most important stories.
  • Simplified by removing redundant links.
  • Streamlined navigation and made an easier-to-find “donate” button.

This is just the beginning of what will be an ongoing remodel of our website – to better serve you, and better serve the stories of amazing science that happen here every day. Please check back on our progress; every day we publish new original content that helps you make sense of the news of the day, gives you the information you need to navigate a complex world and delights you with new discoveries.

Your feedback is welcome. We look forward to interacting with you.


Jennifer Sizemore
Vice President of Communications & Marketing

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