Researchers present ‘Science for Life’ every Thursday in February

Series introduces external audiences to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s breakthrough research; enables exploration and firsthand experience of science

This month the public is invited to attend "Science for Life," an annual program designed to give external audiences a glimpse into the breakthrough science conducted at the Hutchinson Center. Offered every Thursday, 7-8:30 p.m., in Pelton Auditorium, "Science for Life" presents a fun, informal atmosphere in which to learn about scientific concepts and interact with world-class researchers.

"Science for Life" consists of the following presentations:

Feb. 7, "New Frontiers in Developing an HIV Vaccine"
How can we use new understandings of HIV to develop a vaccine to prevent AIDS? And how do we evaluate which HIV vaccine strategies to pursue? Dr. Nicole Frahm, associate lab director of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, will share the latest findings from the largest public-private partnership dedicated to finding an HIV vaccine.

Feb. 14, "Diet, Obesity and Chronic Disease—What Do We Know?"
Dr. Mario Kratz wants to understand the relationship between diet composition, regulation of body weight and the development of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. What do we know? What answers are we still seeking? Learn some of the latest science as well as the challenges in this area of research.

Feb. 21, "Gene Therapy: Repairing our DNA"
The idea of gene therapy—replacing a damaged gene with a working copy—has been around for a long time, but with only modest success. But that has all changed. Hear how Dr. Hans-Peter Kiem’s research into gene therapy has improved treatment for brain cancer, and promises new hope for patients with genetic diseases and in making patients resistant to HIV infection.

Feb. 28, "Harnessing Nature’s Weapons Against Cancer"
Dr. Jim Olson treats children with brain cancer, and he has no patience for imperfect treatments. His drive for new answers led him to develop tumor paint, an innovative way to light up cancer cells using scorpion venom. Join him as he explains how this discovery illuminated new ways to co-opt nature’s inherent medical powers and create a whole new approach to treating cancer.

Guests can register on the "Science for Life" web page or by calling (206) 667-4211. Admission is free.

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