Breast Health Global Initiative

Breast Health Global Initiative

About BHGI

Global Mission

Striving to improve breast health outcomes and access to breast cancer screening, detection and treatment for women in low- and middle-income countries.

Resource-Stratified Guidelines

Breast Cancer Control

A library of literature, articles and guidelines relevant to international breast health and cancer control.

Breast Health Care Resources

Knowledge Summaries

The KS Toolkit is designed to address foundational questions and answers in comprehensive breast cancer care across the life-course in limited resource settings.

Phased Implementation

Global Summit 2018

Held October 15-17, 2018 "Improving Breast Health Care through Resource-Stratified Phased Implementation," was convened by the BHGI Alliance in cooperation with NCCN.

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BCI2.5 Community of Practice

New videos

Sharing lessons learned, disseminating evidence-based practices and increasing collaboration among professionals from a variety of disciplines committed to advancing breast cancer care.