Mouse Hybridoma Clone 6D4 Against Mouse MICA/MICB (6D4 Hybridoma, TID 07-044)

Researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center have developed a new hybridoma cell line that expresses mouse anti MICA/MICB antibodies.


  • Bauer, et al., Science. 1999; 285(5428):727-9. “Activation of NK Cells and T Cells by NKG2D, a Receptor for Stress-Inducible MICA”;
  • Groh, et al., Science. 1998; 279(5357):1737-40. “Recognition of Stress-Induced MHC Molecules by Intestinal Epithelial γδ T Cells”
Figure showing hybridoma cell line that expresses mouse anti MICA/MICB antibodies.

Stress-induced expression and T cell recognition of MICA and MICB on quiescent intestinal epithelial cell lines. Lovo, HCT116, and HUTU-80 cells cultured for 8 days as confluent monolayers had very low steady-state levels of MICA and MICB mRNAs by blot hybridization of total cellular RNAs (A). They expressed small amounts of the encoded cell surface proteins by indirect immunofluorescence staining with mAb 6D4 and flow cytometry (shaded profiles in B) and were poorly lysed by the δ1B T cells (C). Heat shock treatment strongly increased MICA and MICB mRNA (A) and protein expression (filled profiles in B), and also sensitized target cells to lysis, which was inhibited by mAb 6D4 (C); hsp70 mRNA was potently induced and control HLA-B mRNA was unaltered (A). The hsp70 blot was exposed to film for a much shorter time. Open profiles in (B) are isotype IgG1 control stainings. HS, heat shock.

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