Barry Stoddard, PhD

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Barry Stoddard, PhD

Basic Sciences Division, Fred Hutch

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Dr. Barry Stoddard is an expert in protein structure and engineering. He uses cutting-edge laboratory and computational techniques to reveal proteins’ 3D forms at the atomic level, which is key to his ultimate goal: modifying natural proteins to treat or cure human diseases. In particular, his group has made major contributions to the understanding of gene-targeting proteins, from determining their structure to creating variants for use in gene therapy. Dr. Stoddard’s work could lead to engineered proteins that are capable of correcting mutations that underlie genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis, and he’s working on proteins that could cure HIV and other chronic infections.

Other Appointments & Affiliations

Affiliate Professor, Biochemistry
University of Washington School of Medicine

NCI Interdisciplinary Training Program in Cancer


PhD, Biophysical Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990

BS, Chemistry/Biology, Whitman College, 1985

Research Interests

The structure, mechanism, and engineering of proteins and enzymatic catalysts for basic research and biomedical applications

Current Projects

Research on gene-specific endonucleases, nucleic acid enzymes, structural enzymology and protein engineering

"Whether it’s my particular approach or not, there’s no question that [targeted gene correction] is going to happen before my career is over."

— Dr. Barry Stoddard

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