Leonidas Stamatatos, PhD

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Leonidas Stamatatos, PhD

Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutch

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Dr. Leonidas “Leo” Stamatatos and his team of researchers explore how antibody-producing B cells respond to infection and vaccination. Using diverse experimental approaches, the researchers also design and test ways to stimulate B cells into producing the antibodies deemed most likely to succeed against a chosen virus. Much of the work focuses on getting B cells to make antibodies that can provide sustained protection against HIV, which is adept at evading conventional vaccines through rapid genetic mutation. The group’s work encompasses the many stages in the development of candidate vaccines. These range from early, basic research on the structure of antibodies and their targets to detailed evaluation of the level of protection they provide to human volunteers in clinical trials.

Other Appointments & Affiliations

Affiliate Professor, Department of Global Health
University of Washington


PhD, Biochemistry, McGill University, Canada, 1988

MSc, Organic Chemistry, Université de Paris XI, France, 1983

BA, Biochemistry, Université d’Orleans, France, 1982

Current Projects

Development of methodologies that improve the activation and survival of B cells producing protective antibodies against human viruses

Comparing B cell responses elicited by mRNA and non-mRNA coronavirus vaccines

Phase I clinical testing of a novel HIV vaccine

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