Martin Prlic, PhD

faculty member

Martin Prlic, PhD

Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutch

Fax: 206.667.2209
Mail Stop: E5-110

Dr. Martin Prlic studies how the human immune system responds to infections, vaccines and cancer. His team primarily studies T cell and innate-like T-cell responses in mucosal tissues. His lab is particularly interested in understanding how T cells function in inflammatory environments such as infections and cancer. By defining how subsets of T cells regulate their function in health and in various disease states, Dr. Prlic aims to understand how to manipulate these cells for therapeutic use and ultimately improve human health.

Other Appointments & Affiliations

Affiliate Associate Professor, Department of Global Health
University of Washington

Affiliate Associate Professor, Department of Immunology
University of Washington

Faculty Member, Interdisciplinary Program in Pathobiology
University of Washington

Faculty Member, Molecular & Cellular Biology Program
University of Washington & Fred Hutch


PhD., Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology Program, University of Minnesota, 2004

MS, Genetics, University of Salzburg, 1999

Research Interests

Studying T cell, innate-like T cell and NK cell responses in context of infections, vaccines and cancer

Manipulating T cell, innate-like T cell and NK cell responses for therapeutic purposes (incl. infections, vaccines and cancer)

Mucosal immunity

Single-cell analysis approaches

Current Projects

Bystander-activation of memory T cells and subsequent effects on host immunity

Human mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells in health and disease

Mucosal immunity in response to infections, cancer and other inflammatory diseases

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