Christopher Lapointe, PhD

Faculty Member

Christopher Lapointe, PhD

Assistant Professor
Basic Sciences Division, Fred Hutch

Dr. Chris Lapointe is a biochemist who studies how human cells make proteins and how that process goes awry in human diseases. Proper control of protein synthesis is essential to determine precisely when, where, and how much of a protein is made. Abnormal protein synthesis is a nearly universal feature of cancers and viral infections. Dr. Lapointe and his research group examine how human and viral proteins target the molecular machineries in cells that synthesize proteins to dial protein production up or down. The multidisciplinary strategy of the Lapointe group will define molecular models that help lay the groundwork for the development of new therapeutics.


Stanford University, Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2023

University of Wisconsin-Madison, PhD (Biochemistry), 2016

Colby College, BA (Chemistry-Biochemistry), 2009

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