Sita Kugel, Ph.D.

faculty member

Sita Kugel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Human Biology Division, Fred Hutch

Mail Stop: C1-015

Dr. Sita Kugel studies pancreatic cancer, one of the most aggressive and deadly types of cancer. She works to understand the molecular changes that underpin different subtypes of pancreatic cancer and how these could be exploited to develop new targeted therapies. Dr. Kugel focuses on changes to DNA that affect how genes are turned on and off without altering the DNA sequence itself. She has developed several preclinical models of pancreatic cancer to test the consequences of these changes and potential therapies.


Ph.D., Cancer Biology, Wayne State University School of Medicine, 2012

B.Sc., Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University, 2005

"Being able to make a meaningful impact on cancer as a disease — I think that is an amazing thing to be able to focus on each day."

— Dr. Sita Kugel

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