Victoria Holt, Ph.D., MPH

Dr. Victoria Holt Ph.D., MPH

Victoria Holt, Ph.D., MPH

Public Health Sciences Division, Fred Hutch

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Dr. Victoria Holt is an epidemiologist who focuses on women’s reproductive health, reproductive epidemiology and intimate-partner violence. Areas of her research include the impact of oral contraceptive use on ovarian cyst formation; the epidemiology of adenomyosis (a non-life-threatening but painful condition in which the endometrium, or inner lining of the uterus, breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus), and the reproductive and contraceptive risk factors of endometriosis. She also researches ectopic pregnancy rates and the association between body mass index and oral-contraceptive failure. Her work in intimate- partner violence includes the effects of protection orders and the justice system’s response to violence on the likelihood of subsequent violence and injury.


Ph.D., University of Washington, 1990

MPH, 1987

Research Interests

Women's reproductive health

Current Projects

FINCH - A Case-control Study of Risk Factors for Adenomyosis

Ectopic Pregnancy Study

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Dr. Holt in the News

Weighty risks for oral-contraceptive users

Hutch News - January 20, 2005

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