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Moving Beyond Cancer to Wellness

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The Fred Hutch Survivorship Program and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance are hosting the 16th annual Moving Beyond Cancer to Wellness, a free event for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, friends, family and health care professionals to provide education on wellness after cancer.

The 2022 event will be held in-person* on the Fred Hutch Campus. The keynote speech, exhibitors and a complimentary light continental breakfast will take place outside in Fred Hutch's Mundie Courtyard, followed by breakout sessions held indoors for guests who are comfortable attending. Parking is free for attendees.

8:30 a.m. - 9 a.m.: Check-in
9 a.m.: Keynote Speaker
10 a.m. - 12 p.m.: Breakout Sessions

*Due to COVID-19 concerns, conference activities will take place outdoors to the extent possible.

Saturday, June 04, 2022
Start Time:
8:30 a.m. PDT
Mundie Courtyard & Thomas Building, Fred Hutch Campus

Complimentary parking is available for attendees.



Contact Information:

Keynote Speaker

Kikkan Randall

Kikkan Randall, OLY

Olympic Champion, "Get-Active"ist
President, Fast and Female USA
Breast Cancer Survivor

As a lifelong Alaskan, Kikkan has always been an athlete at heart, aspiring to the Olympics and beyond. In June 2018, just three months after winning Olympic Gold, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kikkan brought her determination and positive attitude towards her cancer battle and hopes to inspire others along the way to persevere through any challenge.

Breakout Sessions

Living Well After Cancer: The benefit of recognizing late and long-term effects of cancer treatment

Deborah Loacker, R.N.  and  Amy J. Morgan, PA-C
Fred Hutch Survivorship Program, SCCA Survivorship Clinic

Gaining knowledge about potential long-term and late effects of cancer treatment can have many benefits. Early recognition of these effects provide greater opportunities to minimize risk and optimize health and wellness. Using a case study, we will outline effects of treatment and how interventions lead to improvement in medical, physical and emotional wellbeing. We will also illustrate how a survivorship consult can help identify an individual's potential risks and avenues towards wellness.

Cooking Through Survivorship: The powerful role that cooking plays in adhering to nutrition guidelines for cancer survivorship

Kate Ueland, MS, RD, CSO
Research Dietitian
Greenlee Studies

Knowing the dietary guidelines for cancer survivorship and implementing them into your everyday life can be two very different things. Many people already know that a cancer protective diet involves eating more plants more regularly. Kate Ueland, a registered dietitian and board-certified specialist in oncology nutrition, will provide strategies on how to incorporate more plants into your diet without completely overhauling your current eating patterns. 

“This event fired on all pistons: inspirational, informational and actionable.”

— Past conference attendee

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