DNA Extraction Kit

Explore the properties of DNA and how to set up your own experiment to extract DNA from strawberries. Students will set up and perform their own experiments and have lab meetings to optimize their protocol.
Illustration of DNA and microtuebs
Illustration by Hanako Osuga

Kit Description

This kit contains a wide assortment of  reagents and equipment needed for students to create their own  procedure that extracts and visualizes strawberry DNA based on their knowledge of the properties of cells. This kit also contains the classic Strawberry DNA Extraction protocol.

  • SEP has 3 DNA Extraction Kits
  • Each kit has 1 crate 
  • Labs are designed for 8 groups of 4 students (32 students total). Make sure to tell us if your class is significantly different in size 

Curriculum and Units Supported by the Micropipet Kit

group of students having a lab meeting

DNA Extraction Protocol Design

This lesson challenges students to design their own protocol to extract DNA from strawberries. By developing their own protocol and presenting their findings in a lab meeting, students learn the importance of making claims with evidence and reasoning and communicating those claims. 


Classic Strawberry DNA Extraction

This classic lesson introduces students to DNA through extracting DNA from strawberries or other fruit such as bananas or blueberries.

Kit Sign Up Process

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