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Clinic Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Breast Imaging Services at Fred Hutch
We offer breast imaging with 3D mammography (including same day interpretation), breast MRI and breast ultrasound.

If you have an abnormal mammogram, breast lump, nipple discharge or other breast concern, the breast specialists at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Breast Health Clinic can help. We provide evaluations quickly, and we diagnose and treat a full range of breast health issues.

Our team also designs individualized screening and follow-up plans to reduce breast cancer risk and detect breast cancer early.

Most breast changes that you or your health care provider can see or feel are not cancer. Schedule an appointment to see our knowledgeable staff so you can be sure. If you do have cancer, or another condition, it is best to know sooner and get the services you need. Every day, we help people understand their breast health and plan what to do next.

What Happens at the Breast Health Clinic?

Fred Hutch’s experienced breast health specialists customize your visit to your unique situation.

Our breast fellowship-trained surgeons, breast specialty advanced practice providers and experienced nurses provide complete evaluations of breast problems. We also make custom screening plans for people with higher-than-average risk for breast cancer. We treat benign (noncancerous) breast problems as well as breast cancer.

What happens at your visit depends on your exact needs. Here are some of the services we often provide:

  • Do a clinical breast exam.
  • Recommend all the imaging tests you need for your exact situation.
  • Talk with you about breast imaging tests, such as a mammogram, ultrasound or MRI.
  • Perform minor procedures, such as breast or skin biopsies.
  • Provide care before and after surgery if you have breast surgery at UW Medical Center – Montlake or UW Medical Center – Northwest.
  • Provide follow-up care.
  • Refer you for genetic counseling, testing or both.

If your visit leads to a biopsy and diagnosis of breast cancer, we will connect you quickly with the rest of the breast cancer experts you will need at Fred Hutch.

Our Services

Breast Health Clinic Health Clinic physicians talking

The Breast Health Clinic is staffed by breast specialists, including breast fellowshiptrained surgeons and breast specialty advanced practice providers (ARNPs and PAs). To provide a diagnosis and treatment plan, our providers may incorporate the results of several exams:

  • Clinical breast examination
  • Mammography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Skin punch and core needle breast biopsies
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Breast cancer personal risk calculation
  • Breast cancer risk reduction strategies, including medication to lower one’s risk of breast cancer.
  • Referral to medical genetic counselor for genetic testing

The Breast Health Clinic provides prompt evaluation of abnormal mammograms, breast lumps, nipple discharge and other breast concerns. For people with an increased risk for breast cancer, the Breast Health Clinic staff provides an individualized screening and a follow-up plan to reduce one’s risk of breast cancer and optimize early detection of breast cancer.

 What You Can Expect

  • A clinical breast exam by an experienced clinician.
  • Recommendation for a comprehensive individualized screening program.
  • To discuss your breast imaging tests, such as mammography, ultrasound and MRI with your provider.
  • When necessary, minor procedures such as breast or skin biopsies.
  • Surgical consultation with a breast surgeon when appropriate
  • Pre- and post-operative care for patients  requiring breast surgery.
  • Appropriate follow-up care directed by your provider.
  • Referrals for genetic counseling and/or testing, as appropriate.
clinic technician with patient
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center provides individualized screening and follow-up care for people at high risk of breast cancer as well as diagnostic evaluation of abnormal breast symptoms or imaging.

More Information

South Lake Union Breast Health Clinic

3rd floor, 825 Eastlake Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98108

From I-5: Exit at Seattle Center/Mercer Street exit. Move to the far-right lane. Turn right at the bottom of the exit ramp and turn right onto Fairview Ave.N. Turn right on Aloha Street; the Breast Health Clinic is on the corner of Aloha and Eastlake Ave East.

Parking at Fred Hutch is available in the garage under the Clinic Building 1. Disability parking is also available and marked in the garage. Metered street parking is located near the clinic.

UW Medical Center - Northwest Breast Health Clinic

11011 Meridian Ave N., 1st floor, Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98133

From North:

  • I-5 South to N. Northgate Way
  • Exit 173
  • Take a right off the exit
  • Go through Meridian Ave. N. (first light)
  • First driveway on the right, right after light

From South:

  • I-5 North to 1st Ave. NE, Exit 173
  • Take a left off exit
  • Take a left on Northgate Way
  • Go through Meridian Ave. N. (first light)
  • First driveway on the right, right after light

There is parking under the building in the garage.

breast health equity

Breast Health Equity Program

We are committed to providing a safe and equitable space where all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity or age have a fair and just opportunity to manage their overall breast health care. Learn about our study to help improve breast health care for Black women everywhere.

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Here is a guide to common — and some less common — breast changes you might notice.

Common Warning Signs

Many people regularly check their breasts for common warning signs of cancer, including:

  • A painless lump in your breast
  • Abnormal thickening of your breast tissue
  • A change in the density of your breast

Other Signs

Less often, breast cancer can show up as:

  • A lump under your arm
  • Red or scaly skin on your breast
  • A change in your nipple (such as discharge or inversion)
  • Dimpling of the skin over your breast

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

In inflammatory breast cancer:

  • Your breast may be red, swollen and warm to the touch, like the symptoms of an infection.
  • The surface of your breast may look pitted, like the skin of an orange (because the cancer cells block lymph vessels in your skin). 
  • Sometimes, there is no lump in the breast that you can see or feel.