Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are nursing positions at Fred Hutch inpatient or outpatient?

The majority of nursing roles at Fred Hutch are outpatient positions at our ambulatory clinics. Inpatient nursing roles are also available at UW Medical Center – Montlake. 

What shift options are available?

Fred Hutch offers a variety of full- and part-time positions. Depending on the department or area, staff may work 8- or 10-hour shifts or a combination of both. Nurses in some areas may also work weekends, evenings and/or holidays.

Are remote work positions available?

Some nursing positions that do not provide hands-on patient care may have the option to work remotely. Remote work options are determined by each department.

Please note that safety measures are subject to change based on local and national recommendations in response to the current situation in our community.

Do you hire new graduates?

Yes, we welcome new graduate nurses through our New Graduate RN Residency program. This comprehensive training program provides new graduate RNs with a thorough foundation of oncology principles and an introduction to the organization in addition to a specialized, role-specific orientation. 

New Graduate RN Residency Program

Do I need oncology experience to work at Fred Hutch?

No. We welcome experienced nurses from other nursing specialties through our New-to-Specialty RN Residency program. This training program provides experienced nurses with a thorough oncology education in addition to a specialized, role-specific orientation designed to support the transition to oncology practice.

New Graduate RN Residency Program

Are relocation benefits available?

Yes, generous relocation packages are available to those who qualify.

Does Fred Hutch offer tuition reimbursement?

Yes, employees who have an FTE of 50 percent or more and have completed one year of continuous service are eligible for tuition reimbursement through Fred Hutch.

What kind of clinical support is available?

Fred Hutch offers many opportunities for clinical support at both the department and the organizational level. Most clinical departments have one or more professional practice coordinators who help onboard new staff, provide department-specific education, participate in policy review and updates, and champion continuous practice improvement. Fred Hutch’s centralized Nursing Education department provides support and training to clinical staff at all levels throughout the organization using a variety of educational programs designed to support growth in clinical practice.  

What will orientation look like?

Each department tailors their clinical orientation to meet the individual needs of the new-hire nurse. Department-based orientations are guided by one or more preceptors and length is based on department guidelines as well as the new-hire nurse’s experience level, clinical knowledge and nursing skills.

New graduate and new-to-specialty RNs receive specialized orientations through our residency programs.