Standards of Conduct

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

These Standards are a high-level statement of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center mission, values and expectations of the Fred Hutch community. They help to further promote an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct, integrity in our daily activities and decision-making, and a commitment to compliance with the law and any Fred Hutch policies, procedures and guidelines. All members of the Fred Hutch Community understand and agree, and will hold others accountable, to the following standards:

1. Act ethically and with integrity

Fred Hutch members lead by example, adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards, and are personally accountable for their actions. Fred Hutch encourages respectful and truthful dialogue, promotes objectivity and civility and prohibits any form of retaliation.

2. Treat others with respect, dignity and professionalism

Fred Hutch values diversity, mutual respect and the principles of non-discrimination. Fred Hutch does not tolerate harassment on any basis, including race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, political affiliation, or political philosophy. Members of the Fred Hutch Community are expected to treat patients, colleagues, co-workers, and visitors with respect, professionalism, and dignity in all interactions and communications.

3. Learn and comply with the rules, regulations, and laws

Fred Hutch workforce members maintain a working knowledge of, and follow all laws, rules, policies, procedures, and ethical guidelines that affect daily work. It is important to keep updated with applicable training and policies and procedures in your work environment.

4. Contribute to a safe environment for patients, colleagues and visitors

Fred Hutch is committed to creating a caring and healthy environment for everyone. Safe work practices include understanding the safety-related policies, keeping updated on applicable training, using appropriate safety measures and equipment, and reporting accidents, injuries, and unsafe situations. Safety, quality of patient care and research, and the retention of our most valuable resource — our people — are dependent on Fred Hutch’s ability to foster teamwork, maintain open lines of communication, and cultivate a positive, collaborative work environment.

5. Protect confidential, private and proprietary information

Fred Hutch is the custodian of many types of information, including that which is confidential, proprietary and private. Individuals who have access to such information are expected to be familiar and to comply with applicable laws, policies and agreements pertaining to access, use, protection and disclosure of such information.

6. Refrain from conflicts of interest and commitment

Fred Hutch members must act ethically, honestly and with integrity in all dealings and avoid situations in which their personal interests could conflict, or reasonably appear to conflict, with the interests of Fred Hutch. A conflict may occur if outside activities or personal interests influence, or appear to influence, job performance or decisions made while performing job responsibilities. This includes the receipt of or giving of any gifts, gratuities, or other items of value if such gifts will likely influence the decision-making involving the health care or other services provided by or to Fred Hutch.

7. Be good stewards of Fred Hutch resources

Fred Hutch members are expected to ensure that Fred Hutch property, funds, resources and technology are used only for legitimate Fred Hutch purposes. Fred Hutch members must promote efficient operations, follow sound financial practices and engage in appropriate accounting and monitoring. Fred Hutch property includes the seal, name, and logo. Fred Hutch regulates the use of its seal, name and related trademarks and logos in order to protect its reputation and to ensure that their use is related to the Fred Hutch research, patient care, service and missions.