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Glenda Gray

Dr. Glenda Gray, a leader in the Fred Hutch-based HIV Vaccine Trials Network that is based in VIDD, is internationally known for her research on preventing HIV-infected mothers from passing the virus to their newborns.

Photo by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch News Service

Glenda Gray: the HIV warrior

When it was Dr. Glenda Gray’s turn to speak at a recent HIV Vaccine Trials Network conference in Seattle, she rose from her front-row seat in the Grand Hyatt ballroom and, spurning the stairs on either end of the stage, leapt up to the podium, high heels and all. She then updated the global network's 400 scientists and community advocates about clinical trials slated to begin in her native South Africa in January to test the latest hope for a vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS. Read more >

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Paul Woloshin, MBA, PhD
Tuesday, November 25

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Curing chronic viral infections with Keith Jerome
It wasn’t very long ago that the idea of an HIV cure was scoffed at. The concept of a curative method for dealing with chronic viral infections, as opposed to preventative (such as vaccines) or treatment (such as antivirals), has a history of controversy among the field.

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A model for single cell gene expression variability
Cell growth is a dynamic, stochastic process. In any one homogenous cell population the individual cells are not actually all in the same phase of the cell cycle.

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International Spotlight

Uganda offers a unique setting to study the impact of infections on the development and clinical course of several cancers.

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VIDD’s Population Sciences (PS) Program has changed its name to Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, and Epidemiology (BBE).