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Dr. Peter Guarino

Welcome new SCHARP Director Dr. Peter Guarino

Please join VIDD in welcoming new SCHARP Director Dr. Peter Guarino. Peter will manage overall operations and provide leadership and oversight to SCHARP’s four operational units: Data Analytics, Data Management, Project Management, and Technology and Software Systems.  Read more >

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Connie Celum, MD, MPH
Tuesday, April 28

Lisa Frenkel, MD
Tuesday, May 12

VIDD Faculty Stories

Identifying biomarkers for HIV prevention with Ying Huang
Biomarkers, objects that indicate something more complex and hard to measure, can be used to diagnose and/or predict diseases such as HIV.

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Off target effects of rectal tenofovir gel
The antiviral tenofovir is a widely used drug for HIV prevention and treatment as an oral pill. The Microbicides Trial Network (MTN) phase 1 clinical trial was designed to detect possible subtle yet important ‘off target’ effects from rectal 1% tenofovir gel formulation treatment.

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International Spotlight

Uganda offers a unique setting to study the impact of infections on the development and clinical course of several cancers.

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VIDD highlights promotions, new hires, honors/awards and goings of its faculty and staff.