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Supporting Breakthrough Science

Every investigator at Fred Hutch has access to shared facilities and cutting-edge technologies and expertise that can help speed the process of discovery — and that few individual labs could afford on their own. This multimillion-dollar infrastructure is also accessible to members of the Cancer Consortium, academic and industry research partners, and some other external clients. Our shared resources include core facilities that are staffed by experts who can help investigators design experiments, choose the most suitable tests and equipment, create customized tests and software tools, and analyze experimental results. In all, they offer dozens of services in addition to access to equipment and tools.

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Antibody Technology

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Cellular Imaging

Comparative Medicine Facility

Comparative Medicine

Antibody Technology

This shared resource provides custom-designed monoclonal antibodies, antigen design, immunization and screening strategies, and hybridoma cell line production and optimization.

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Experimental Histopathology

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Flow Cytometry

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Immune Monitoring

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Specimen Processing / Research Cell Bank

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Therapeutic Products

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Promoting Interdisciplinary Research

Shared resources are critical to Fred Hutch’s five-year strategic plan, which calls for an increase in interdisciplinary research that cuts across divisional boundaries. To help teams access emerging technologies — a key component of the strategic plan — these centralized facilities invest in cutting-edge equipment and tools. Importantly, junior and senior faculty members have equal access. This approach offers huge benefits to groups such as our integrated research centers, which includes faculty from all five Fred Hutch scientific divisions. 

Catalysts for Discoveries and Cures
Our Shared Resources include more than 60,000 square feet of high-tech facilities to support experimental design, data generation and analysis. Video by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch

“Well-run shared resources that meet our investigators’ needs are critical to our continued scientific excellence.”

— Steve Stadum, Executive Vice President and COO

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