Mission & Values

What makes us so bold? Our 40-plus years on the front lines of cancer research have led to cures for some types of the disease — and have offered proof that the immune system can stop others. Propelled by our ongoing commitment to excellent science and creative innovation, we’re making major inroads in the fight against cancer.

Strategic Priorities

Our interdisciplinary teams conduct exceptional, high-impact science to achieve our mission: the elimination of cancer and related diseases as causes of human suffering and death. We’re extending our reach to achieve breakthroughs and further discoveries in the following areas:

Icon depicting blood stem cell transplantation and immunotherapy

Blood Stem Cell Transplantation
and Immunotherapy

icon depicting cancer risk factors and causes, prevention and outcomes

Cancer Risk Factors, Causes, Prevention and Outcomes

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Vaccine Development and
Virus-Associated Cancers

Icon depicting molecular structure

Molecular Underpinnings of Cancer

Icon depicting tumor

Tumor-Specific Translational Research

Supporting the Priorities

Because lifesaving team science doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we support our strategic priorities through culture, infrastructure, partnerships and clinical excellence.

Sita Kugel looks at experiment results with Ben Doron in the Kugel Lab

High-Performance Culture

Researcher in genomic department

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Niki Robinson conversing with colleague

Engaging Partners

High-Performance Culture

A diverse, inclusive, high-performance culture is essential to ending cancer and related diseases. We invest in our talented people to enable Fred Hutch teams to excel in realizing our ambitious vision.

A Commitment to Diversity

Lifesaving research demands more than innovation and dedication. It requires curiosity, creativity, and fresh and varied perspectives. That’s why diversity is a core Fred Hutch value that is integral to our work.

We were the first U.S. cancer center to pledge commitment to CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, and we cultivate a workplace that welcomes diverse perspectives and experiences. Our director of diversity and inclusion — in partnership with an executive council of senior leaders and an employee advisory group — leads our efforts to build a fully inclusive and informed workforce.

Since 2013, Hutch United has been promoting the success of underrepresented minority scientists at Fred Hutch. With the goal of fostering a diverse community, it provides important mentoring, fellowships and networking opportunities.

Fred Hutch is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to workforce diversity. We strongly encourage applications from women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.

Workplace Respect

Workplace respect is a core value at Fred Hutch. We value the contributions that each individual makes to ensure the success of our science. We believe it is essential to provide all employees with a respectful and safe working environment. We have an anti-harassment policy, as well as processes for reporting and investigating employee concerns. Our open-door policy encourages employees to feel safe raising concerns about workplace respect.

Dr. Beverly Torok-Storb talks with students during the high school intern reception
Dr. Beverly Torok-Storb with students at a high school intern reception at Fred Hutch. Photo by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch

Educating the Next Generation

The future of science rests in the hands of the next generation of researchers. Fred Hutch helps budding investigators — including high school students, secondary school teachers, college and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows — prepare to make tomorrow's breakthroughs. Our wide-ranging education and training programs develop scientists at all academic levels, from early high school through early career.

Dr. Beverly Torok-Storb talks with students during the high school intern reception
Dr. Beverly Torok-Storb with students at a high school intern reception at Fred Hutch. Photo by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch