Global Oncology

Our Commitment

Transforming Cancer

As a world leader in both cancer and infectious-disease research, Fred Hutch is uniquely positioned to address the worldwide cancer epidemic by translating four decades of scientific exploration into new prevention and treatment strategies.  

Our Priorities

Saving Lives

To reduce the burden of cancers worldwide we are working to develop new vaccines for cancer-causing infections, exploring the role of HIV in cancer and developing news ways to diagnose, predict, prevent and treat cancer.

Your Support

Creating Hope

Join us in our efforts to save lives around the globe and meet our donors whose generosity is bringing us closer to the goal of reducing the burden of cancer and related diseases for people around the world.

Uganda Partnership

Worldwide Impact

Our decade-long collaboration with the Uganda Cancer Institute has yielded a new facility, tools and treatments that will save lives in low-resource countries worldwide.  Patients now have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical care while researchers will have a place to develop new therapies.

China Collaboration

Framework for Success

Our collaboration with China CDC and Henan Institute focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, infectious diseases and other health burdens.  It also features the development of a cancer tumor tissue repository that will allow scientists to conduct molecular analyses.

UCI-Fred Hutch Cancer Centre

First of its Kind

The first comprehensive cancer center jointly built by U. S. and African cancer institutions in sub-Saharan Africa is now open.  The state-of-the-art facility will accommodate 20,000 outpatient visits a year as well as housing laboratories and ample space for meetings and conferences.