Health Disparities Research Center

Health Disparities Research Center

The Office of Community Outreach & Engagement (OCOE), formerly the Health Disparities Research Center, is designed to enhance collaboration with and among Fred Hutch, University of Washington (UW), Seattle Children's Hospital, and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) programs and create a forum that enables health disparities' researchers to work together. The OCOE utilizes an integrative approach to explore barriers and find solutions to existing health disparities. Ultimately, the efforts of the OCOE will enhance the capacity of Fred Hutch, UW, Seattle Children's, and SCCA scientists and clinicians to develop and apply new knowledge to help individuals and communities reduce the incidence and mortality rates from cancer and other diseases.

The overall goals of the OCOE are to:

  • Advance scientific research to better understand and improve cancer prevention and early detection in practice;

  • Enhance delivery and access to cancer treatment and preventative services for patients, their families, and persons at risk; and

  • Further cancer epidemiology and public health science research.


Updated: September 2018