Leo Stamatatos, PhD

Leo Stamatatos, PhD

Affiliate Professor, Department of Global Health
University of Washington


Université d’Orleans, France, BA, 1982, Biochemistry
Université de Paris XI, France, M.Sc 1983, Organic Chemistry
McGill University, Canada, Ph.D. 1988, Biochemistry

Research Interests

The emphasis of the Stamatatos group’s work is to develop a safe and effective vaccine to combat the spread of HIV and to investigate how HIV infection leads to AIDS. Our team has two major areas of research: (a) to better understand how neutralizing antibodies against HIV are developed during natural HIV-infection, and (b) engineer immunogens that will elicit broadly neutralizing antibody responses against HIV. In particular, we are interested in: a) identifying immunological pathways that lead to the development of broadly neutralizing antibodies during natural HIV infection and exploit these pathways for vaccine-related purposes; b) design immunogens that activate the precursors of those B cells that produce broadly neutralizing antibodies; and c) develop prime-boost immunization regiments to guide the maturation of those B cell clones that produce broadly neutralizing antibodies. Our work encompasses the entire spectrum of basic to clinical vaccine research.

Current Projects

  • Identify immunological factors associated with the development of broadly neutralizing anti-HIV-1 antibodies and pathways of viral escape
  • Immunogen-design efforts to elicit broadly neutralizing anti-HIV-1 antibodies
  • Clinical testing of HIV-1 vaccine candidates

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Leonidas Stamatatos, PhD

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